August 17, 2013

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  • Whitman woke me up around 6 this morning.  After feeding him, I was so excited about going to the grocery store this morning that I couldn't go back to sleep.  I had to get out of bed twice to write more things onto my list (If things aren't written down I will forget them in a matter of minutes.)
  • Everyone but Reagan and Keaton were up early and wanting to eat breakfast.  Robby served up the grub while we rehashed our grocery shopping strategy (I used to go weekly but took a holiday from grocery shopping and today we were planning on buying enough food to last until we leave for our trip)
  • Soon we all were ready and climbed into the car and headed out.  Our first stop was Walmart-I don't even think that some of the kids had ever been to Walmart.  They were pretty impressed and someone wanted something on every single aisle that we walked on.  The kids are used to the word "no" so nobody was too disappointed that we stuck to the list.  Anderson did rack up some new church shoes and Campbell left with new velcro tennis shoes (Robby was more excited about this than she was.)
  • We survived Walmart and the kids even looked at a toy aisle.  Then on to Kroger-what an adventure.  We picked the Cantrell kroger since it seems less crowded but we aren't used to the layout so I don't know if we gained anything.  
  • The kids usually do not go grocery shopping with us so this was a new adventure.  One buggy had Whitman and Keaton and the other had the groceries and Campbell (until we ran out of room for her).  The kids did really well and of course we had lots of compliments and comments about them.  
  • And speaking of that-I am just not a person that goes up to a stranger and starts talking to them.  Apparently some people are though.  And I sure never would go up to someone and count the number of kids they have-I am aware that I have 6 kids.  And yes, they are all mine.  One gentleman even made a comment that I'm not going to write because it made me blush!   
  • Anyway, about half way through Robby took the kids to the restroom and I thought they were gone a long time.  Then he text saying that had gotten a coke and were watching soccer in the front so I pressed on (probably a bit faster without all the kids and without Robby who checks for mobile coupons on each item he puts in the basket)  We then met up and finished our shopping.
  • Robby checked out and it took 2 carts to get everything to the car.  The rest of us were going to the restroom and Anderson noticed a sign on the door.  I read it and said "it says you have to take off your apron before going into the bathroom."  Both of the boys looked down at their shirt to make sure they weren't wearing aprons.  It was the funniest thing.  
  • Home to unload had to be our next stop because the van was so full that we had to unload groceries before the kids could get out.  Once we were able to get the kids out of the car, they started helping us put away the groceries.  With that many people helping and Robby and I calling out directions, things are bound to get confusing.  Keaton is also in the mix, grabbing items and putting them where she thinks they should go-mustard in an empty coke box, sausage in Robby's office-we may be finding food around here for months.
  • We had a quick lunch and then put on our bathing suits and loaded up again-this time for Sams, Target and the pool.  I ran into Sams just to pick up medicine and then to Target to use some coupons for a good deal.  Then to the pool-Robby and I didn't dare to even pretend that we were getting into the pool (though we were suited out just in case)  The water was cold, cold, cold and even the kids thought so.  
  • Lilly and Cash were there as well as Grannymom and Grandpa so the kids were all happy to have others to play with.  We stayed for about two hours and then loaded up to head back to Target.  Robby had snuck off during pool time to print a few coupons at Grannymom's house.  And after that we drove by Chickfila to pick up a free sandwich.  The morning was categorized by spending money and the afternoon was by saving money.  
  • Everyone had showers and we were only on the second shower when Robby noticed that Whitman was still in the car.  He was making it well known that he had been left in the car but calmed when he got in the shower.  I could hear  him laughing at Campbell and Keaton-they just all sit in the shower staring at each other.  
  • We had supper and then the kids played on their kindles for a few minutes before bedtime.  Tonight Anderson was delighted to use his toothpaste that had his name in big letters all over it!