August 28, 2013

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She'll always be my little sis!

  • I really do not even know if Whitman slept all night or not.  Hmm, if I count the bottles on the floor this morning (kind of sounds like a wild party happened at the house) then I would guess that I did get him milk in the middle of the night.  But he is feeling better and sleeping some better.  
  • Campbell woke up at Nonna's house and was up before the cock crowed-before 6.  Needless to say that child was pretty tired and fussy all day long!  She was out before I even made it to their beds to tell them good night tonight.
  • When everyone joined me in bed this morning they were pretty calm.  Maybe because everyone seems to have Whitman's cold-Anderson has been coughing all day (and having to do his breather over and over, Reagan has a runny nose, Campbell has an occasional cough and so far Graham, my worst sick kid, isn't sick yet.  This always happens when we go on a trip-good thing we have one more day.
  • Early this morning, Whitman was sitting in Anderson's lap and Whitman just fell head first onto the floor.  I think that he even hit a cup on the way down.  Anderson's eyes were so big-he didn't even react.  Then he kept saying "Whitman, I am SO sorry."  Once I picked up Whitman he was just fine.  I don't think that Anderson touched the baby for the rest of the day.
  • We read some this morning and then I started packing while the kids played.  I did have them pick out a few toys to take with them-they had a cup that they could fill up and that was it.  I did let a few extra toys slide but not many.  Space is at a premium-and I still have to make and pack rice krispy treats (it isn't a trip without rice krispy treats)
  • Around 11, Nonna brought Campbell home and that is when I really started to work.  Nonna entertained and I ran around the house like a chicken with my head cut off.  Ha!  I was actually able to almost finish up-well, as finished as you can ever be packing for a trip.  I now will just keep shoving more stuff into my boxes.  Tomorrow is clean day so maybe I will stop adding things-I am sure they have a Walmart in California somewhere!
  • Nonna was around for lunch and then we headed to see Beebee.  She was in a good mood today and the kids were fairly good.  Graham pushed Beebee down the hall back to her room and was so proud of himself-I am always terrified that they are going to cause her to break her other hip when they push her in her wheelchair. 
  • Reagan had to go to restroom while we were talking to Beebee so I told her to take Campbell and walk back to Beebee's room.  No way was she going to do that.  She wanted me to come too so I did.  On the walk there, Reagan said "some of these people are, are..." She was trying to be so polite but I finished her sentence for her with "different, strange or scary?"  Poor lady down the hall from Beebee yells "help me, help me" ALL of the time.  Every single time we go she is yelling and every single time my kids eyes all get huge!  But Beebee's candy and money make up for walking past the "screamer"
  • Back at home, Keaton and Whitman had naps and I picked up a bit and then started getting everyone and everything ready for tonight.  We had supper and then we were out the door to go to church.  It is a new program at church but things were pretty much the same.  Robby and I are the puppets and this year the schedule is puppets for 4 times with no break-that is a long time to be sitting in a tiny kiddie chair without getting up!  Will have to remember to bring a Sonic drink next time!  
  • When I picked up Graham, I read the verse on his paper and he said "that was hard, you didn't help me with it."  I tried to explain that I didn't know the verse yet and this was just the first night.  You better believe that all verses are now hanging on the fridge.  Anderson was bummed that we wouldn't be there next week for double buck night.  Reagan said that they would go shopping for the first time in December-then she said "I guess we will still be out of town."  Umm, no, we will be back before December.
  • Back at home, we had our Sunday night ice cream truck and then it was bedtime for all the kiddos.  Except for Whitman who likes my spot on the couch and enjoyed kicking me as he falls asleep-so if I have many typos you can blame the boy!