August 12, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • So this morning Anderson and Graham were up before 7, running, fighting, talking and whispering about getting to play a phone, ipad, kindle, ipod or anything that could get their hands on (no electronics until after school though).  I had to take a quick shower to keep up with the crew this morning because they were wild and ready to get into trouble.
  • We had pitiful cinnamon rolls for breakfast-I had made them and froze them awhile back but they didn't rise before I froze them and sure didn't rise today.  I must have messed the yeast up somehow but they were still pretty much demolished.  
  • School was next and it went well (too well-you know what that means for tomorrow!)  Anderson just works slowly and was the last one finished.  But that didn't really seem to bother him too much and I stayed busy pulling out stuff for tomorrow.  
  • Next up was lunch-and the eat through the pantry and freezer is about to come to the end or I am just going to have to break my Kroger strike and buy some bread.  We are down to cheerios, saltines and some peanut butter for breakfasts, lunches and snacks.  
  • Graham worked on painting his soccer ball off and on all afternoon, everyone helped with chores and then we had science.  No exciting experiments today and I was a little bummed when I told them that we wouldn't have to read science tomorrow-no one was crushed.  They all started cheering!
  • The kids watched a movie and at the same time Keaton and Whitman woke up from their naps and started screaming.  I tried to get the big kids to help hold Whitman's bottle but they just stared blankly at the tv.  So I just laid him down in the floor with the bottle beside him and decided if they wanted to hear their movie someone would figure it out.  Then I ran up to get Keaton who was by then screaming.  Well, Campbell, the youngest, in the room finally figured the puzzle out.  
  • We were to have football tryouts this evening but the rain cancelled that, so we just had ourselves a trip planning meeting with the kids.  Robby held up the map and told about where all we were going to go.  Then they traded their pins that they picked last night-the kids were so happy trading with each other that they don't even have to take any to Disney.
  • The little 3 had a shower and then we all watched another episode of Leave it to Beaver-exciting times here at the Dennie house!