August 15, 2013

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  • Robby left early, early this morning but not too long after the kids were up.  Graham almost fell apart when I told him that Robby had already left for the morning.  Whitman was awake when I finally climbed out of bed-he is the happiest baby in the mornings.  He just smiles, grins and stretches.  When Campbell changed his diaper this morning he just giggled at her.  Yes, Campbell has taken over the wet diaper changing of Whitman.  This is not my choice but it makes her happy and he seems to humor her 10 minute diaper changes.  Eventually though, he will get her a wet while she is changing his diaper and she will find a new hobby.
  • The kids played upstairs while I got ready and then we all woke Keaton up for breakfast.  We had breakfast and then it was school time.  This was our last day for the week (we are only doing 4 days of school each week and 1 day off) so it was a bit lighter than the other days (we only do spelling and English 3 days a week).  
  • Even though school is crazy, Whitman seems to be cooperating lately.  He takes a pretty good morning nap so that is nice to have my hands free for awhile.  When Graham finishes his work, he has his kindle time and Campbell joins him.  Reagan is the most patient and doesn't really mind being last for me to work with her and while I work with her Anderson finishes up his stuff.  Today though he finished in record time (made me wonder if he had hidden some work!)
  • Nonna called to say that she was bringing lunch so after school we read a few stories and then were all delighted when the UPS man showed up.  He brought not just one or two boxes to the house but 11 boxes!  (That would be a package of sharpie markers, 6 packages of crackers, 8 boxes of cereal, 3 boxes of diapers and 192 rolls of paper towels)  Yep, that is not a typo192 rolls of paper towels.  The UPS man didn't find it too funny when I joked that we filled up his truck.  
  • The kids climbed all over those boxes but I quickly emptied those that I could and after lunch, Nonna helped man the stairs (making sure only one big box was on the steps at a time) while I worked in the attic.  My kids brought every one of those boxes up to me and by the time Robby came home, the boxes were out of sight and neatly placed in the attic.
  • The lunch that Nonna brought made the kids so happy.  After moving all of my boxes they wanted to go outside with Nonna so I let them all go while I did laundry, cleaned windows and swept.  When I did go outside, Nonna told me that she taught the kids how to make mud pies...and then she left!  Ha!  
  • Well, since we had mud of course I let them pull out the water guns.  Then I made them ride their bikes so they could dry off some (didn't work since eventually they started pouring buckets of water of themselves)  We stayed outside until Keaton looked at me and said "milk?"  I asked if she wanted to go night night and she ran to give all of her brothers and sisters a hug.  She was exhausted.
  • Around 4:30, I made the others come in.  I knew we weren't get hot tonight so I just made them change into dry clothes and tried to wipe the dirt off of them.  They watched a movie but I wouldn't let them lay in my bed like usual.  After a few minutes, Robby was home and soon we were loading up to go to football tryouts.
  • Robby helped with one of the football stations but we weren't alone since we found Dana, Cash and Lilly to hang with.  The kids did good and Reagan didn't seem too scared of the ball-even though she leaned over to me before one of the stations and asked "how do you throw that thing?"  I told her that I didn't really know either!
  • It was late when we made it home but the kids still needed I am sitting here typing when we just heard a loud "bang" above us.  Anderson fell out of the bed and when I went up there to check on him, he was sleeping soundly on the floor.  My heart is still pounding-you wouldn't believe how loud of a sound him falling out of the bed made!