August 29, 2013

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One more minutes!

  • This morning Campbell was ready to go to school!  She sat in the mudroom with her shoes on, holding her poptart and drinking her milk.  Every few minutes she would ask if it was time to get in the car.  I think she likes school better than home!  But she does grin from ear to ear when she sees us in the pick up line.  And then it takes forever for me to get her to buckle up because she goes to Whitman's row and kisses and coos at him, then goes to Keaton and tells her hi and gives her a hug.  Then she talks to Reagan and finally the boys.  Of course she can't do any of this while she is actually getting buckled-I am sure that the teachers at school wonder why our van is always stopped in the parking lot so long before we drive off.
  • At home this morning, we read our library books and I finished all but one.  That isn't too bad so I couldn't be more pleased.  I even turned in all the ones we read today and that leaves us with only a few library books at the house (all accounted for).  I am a bit paranoid about my library books since I have recently had to pay a whopper of a fine.  
  • Then I started on lightly cleaning the house.  I did most everything while the kids played and then I made them get ready and help clean upstairs.  And before too long it was time to go and get Campbell.  After finally leaving the parking lot, we went to Nonna's house for lunch.
  • The kids ate and I spent my time watching Keaton.  She would eat a few bites of food and then decide that she needed some fruit.  So she would stand up in her highchair and try to grab some fruit.  If she thought it was too big of a bite, she would grab the knife nearby and work on slicing the fruit herself.  
  • Soon though I was loading the boys up for our trip to the Nutrition Center.  This was a bonus trip and Robby and I had debated signing them up for it.  (Reagan couldn't do it because she has a crown)  Why did we not want to do it?-the blood draw.  So I did what any good parent would do-never mentioned it to the boys.  
  • We arrived and they were pretty wild-compliant and polite but a bit on the silly side.  They were weighed and measured.  Then Anderson went off to do a bone scan-he has done it before each year and just has to lay very still.  Not a big deal so I let them take him while I stayed with Graham.  They put him in a chair and the 3 workers gathered around.  I quickly grabbed that Kindle from my bag and put it near his free hand.  One lady was talking to him and me about his game and when I looked over, they had already poked him and were finishing up.  He didn't even flinch.  They then offered him a lollipop and I offered to open it for him and he told me to just put it in my bag.  
  • I was afraid that Anderson might not be as easy as Graham but the exact same thing transpired.  Seriously, they did awesome-never flinched or anything.  On the way home I talked to them about how important it was to give blood since now they know how it feels.  (and no, I don't give blood-I don't meet the weight requirements of 110 pounds-kidding)  
  • Then we walked to the big hospital for them to do some type of bone scan on the growth plates on their arms.  They had to be very, very still-Anderson did great but Graham was a bit more wiggly.  I helped to hold his head still-otherwise we would have still been there doing it over and over again.  He just needed my hands on his head to remind him to be still. 
  • On the way home, we ran by Central to but a passport book for the National Parks we will visit on the trip.  Then a stop by Sonic and then to Nonna's house.  I didn't get the girls drinks since no one took their blood but I did let them finish off my drink and what was left of Graham's drink.
  • Eventually, we left and headed home.  Once at home, the kids watched movies, followed me around, asked questions and played on their kindles.  Robby and I were able to clean up the house and finish packing a few things.  Then it was supper time followed by bedtime for the kids.  
  • About an hour after they went to bed they were all still going strong.  We had put them to bed a bit early but you wouldn't believe the antics happening upstairs-Campbell decided she was scared, Anderson made a hammock with his blankets and then got stuck in his hammock, Reagan laid out everyone's night time toys beside their clothes that I had laid out in the floor, Anderson had a bloody nose (probably fell out of the hammock) and Graham was so excited that he was bouncing up and down in his bed once when I went in.  
  • I think they are all asleep now-Whitman has just woken up.  Robby and I have packed the van, practicing packing the ice chests (4-yes 4), emptied the dishwasher, folded clothes and now are about to head to bed.