August 4, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Church this morning and no one fussed when we dropped them off.  Keaton even walked right into her class-hopefully, she will not promote and stay with her teachers.  If not, I will be the one fussing each Sunday. 
  • After church, I walked into Whitman's class to pick him up.  I glanced around the room and couldn't find him.  Someone told me how good he was and I smiled as I continued to search the room for my baby.  Finally, I found him wide awake in a swing-but I didn't recognize his face I just recognized his clothes.  Kind of scared me a bit-what kind of mother am I?
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house and then home for naps.  Whitman did sleep for most of my nap but then woke up which was probably a good thing since we needed to get ready to go swimming.  Before we left though, I did do 60 zillion loads of laundry.  We are going to have to have naked week at this house or I am going to go crazy with all of my laundry.  
  • So tonight, we loaded up to go swimming.  When we started putting on our bathing suits, the blue sky was above.  But when we pulled out of the driveway, we could see the dark clouds.  We first stopped at Arbys to pick up supper.  
  • So as we were in the drive thru, the man said "what's the van for?"  Robby told him that we had six kids and then the worker man said "let me see if I can get you a discount."  Robby was caught completely off guard and could barely contain his laughter as he told the worker that it was okay.  We drove off completely red faced as Anderson asked "what are you all laughing about?"
  • At the pool, we could tell it was going to thunder and rain soon so we urged the kids to jump in.  I don't know what it is about the pool but we somehow cause it to thunder each and every time that we go.  We are thunder magnets.  
  • After about 40 minutes, it did thunder and the kids climbed out.  We had supper while we waited on time to get back in.  The kids ate most of their Arby's sandwiches and then the whistle blew again to get back in the pool.  
  • Robby almost caused a panic at the pool when he took a few pictures of the kids-and his camera flashed.  Three little girls started climbing out shouting "lightening, lightening."  A lady got up to get her kids out of the pool so I had to calm everyone down while hoping the lifeguards didn't try to blow the whistle over our camera flashing.
  • Anderson went off the diving board over and over tonight (I was pretty proud).  We had heard thunder and seen lightening that the lifeguards didn't see or hear so when Anderson was standing at the edge of the pool trying to work up the courage to swim across in the deep end, I barked at him like a swim coach saying "go, go now, they are going to blow the whistle."  Thankfully, he did dive in and sure enough they blew the whistle while he was on his way across.
  • Campbell was the only one upset about having to leave the pool-well, Robby and I were too since we had only been there about an hour.  That is a lot of work for an hour but the kids still loved it and really, to them an hour or three hours is all about the same.  The kids did have some candy in the car on the way home so that eased their disappointment a bit.  And then the ice cream for Sunday ice cream truck also helped.  
  • Then it was shower time and Whitman got to sit in the shower as Dennie kids rotated through.  I don't think that they dump water over his head or anything but he sure was wet when I pulled him out.  I need to take a picture of him sometime sitting in his little bumbo in the shower with his eyes wide open.  
  • After showers, it was bedtime for the crew-Robby has promised them another chance at the pool tomorrow evening.  I am going to check the weather this time though!