August 16, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Robby left for work early-will probably be the theme for awhile.  But since my bed quickly fills up in the morning he wasn't greatly missed.  (Though during the day, every single time that I step outside to throw out a diaper/get something from the other fridge, the alarm chime rings and Keaton and Campbell start screaming "Daddy" and take off running to the door.  Then they see me and their faces fall, they turnaround walk away with their heads down)
  • Robby said that I was up feeding Whitman when he left (I don't remember any of that) but I do remember Anderson was the next to arrive.  We laid there for a few minutes and surprisingly Keaton was the next to wake up.  Soon the rest of the crew were all downstairs and in the bed with me.
  • Breakfast today was pancakes-and I was told that I needed a lesson in how to make pancakes.  Graham said that "real chefs make pancakes in the oven."  Now, I am no expert but I didn't know how to do that even though he is probably correct since he is a cooking show fanatic.  I do indeed need a few lessons but they were edible and all of them were eaten-syrup helps anything!
  • Since we didn't do school today, I helped Campbell with her sticker mosaic, Reagan and I finished her duct tape purse and the boys and I worked on their pirate ships.  They got pretty antsy and started begging to play their kindles so I let everyone and tried to finish up those pirate ships myself.  I still have 3 sails on each of their ships to tie up-maybe by Christmas.
  • Then we read about a zillion books-trying to finish up our library books.  I usually do not think that the kids are listening as I read but today they were able to recap an entire book to Robby at supper.  Lunch was next and some more reading.  
  • Then we headed upstairs for the boys to try on pants for church.  I needed to make sure that their last years pants still fit for church the next few Sundays.  I was pleasantly surprised that both of their pants still fit.  
  • Next up was picking out the Disney pins that they are going to take to Disneyland.  By this time Keaton was ready for a nap and the others watched a movie.  Whitman and I curled up in the chair and had ourselves a little nap during one of their shows.  
  • Soon everyone went outside-Keaton and Campbell even put on their jackets.  I tried to tell them that it wasn't that chilly but I guess it is chilly for the middle of August.  Somehow the kids ended up with the water guns again.  After Keaton ended up soaking wet, I had to put a stop to that.  I went around to sweep the patio and then everyone ended up in the back with me-playing in the dirt.  After a few minutes, I went in to finish supper and everyone soon followed.
  • Robby made it home in time for supper and then we (Robby, Keaton and I) went out to work on the van for the trip.  Our van is big but has no trunk space-so where exactly do I put luggage for 8 people and 17 days-well, I will just have to check the diagram.  The big kids played on their kindles but Keaton hung out with us.  Soon Whitman joined us.  He had been inside fussing and poor Campbell started crying because she couldn't calm him down. 
  • Back inside, everyone was happy again with showers and another movie before bed.  As Robby was putting toothpaste on toothbrushes, Anderson walked up and said "is that my toothpaste?"  Then Anderson started saying "It is, it's mine."  He was fussing about it as I would expect Campbell too.  Anderson added "didn't you see the 'A' on it?"  Robby quickly said "oh, I thought that stood for Anyone."  This didn't sit well with Anderson who was way too upset over his toothpaste (I hope just due to tiredness-I have never been that excited about my sample of toothpaste from the dentist) asked me if I would write his name on his toothpaste.  Now everything is properly labeled!  Though Robby plans to use Anderson's toothpaste himself for the next few days!