August 6, 2013

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  • Waking up late is happening here more often which is nice (except to our schedule) but Whitman has also started waking up for a bottle.  I don't know what that is about at all but we just lay on the floor, he eats and then we both fall asleep.  Sometimes I make it back to bed and sometimes I don't but he just stays in the middle of the floor until morning. 
  • School was pretty good this morning despite our late start.  Reagan did much better on her math today and Graham attempted and did very well.  I couldn't believe it when he handed me his page.  His handwriting makes it hard for me to tell if he spelled his words right but I was still thrilled!
  • After school, we had leftover arbys, along with leftover mac and cheese and leftover green beans and leftover jello.  Project eat through the cabinets and freezer is still going on.  I still haven't pulled out the fun things out of the freezer yet like the apple pie and cinnamon rolls.
  • The kids helped me with some chores after lunch-well, Graham didn't like what I asked him to do and lost the chance to watch one movie.  This set him on edge and during science he bothered Campbell a bit too much and lost the rest of his movie privileges for the afternoon.  This didn't set too well with him so he pretty much screamed all afternoon long-all afternoon long.  
  • Around 4, I sent everyone outside to play.  My kids love outside but they sure don't want to be outside by themselves.  We didn't have too long out there but they enjoyed playing in the dirt some-especially Graham.  I pushed everyone on the horse swing and poor Campbell was terrified when I pushed her high and Anderson, though he acts brave, was a bit skittish on the horse swing when he heard what he thought was a branch cracking (which was actually my sweet Reagan with a twig behind him)
  • Soon we loaded up the van and headed to Nonna's house for the evening.  I had a get together and Robby had a meeting so the kids stayed with Nonna and Pops.  They had cheese empanadas for supper and probably lots of snacks.  
  • Robby picked them up after his meeting and soon all the Dennie kids were tucked into bed.