April 30, 2014

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Community Bible Study Program

  • Bible study morning and though I can always envisioning getting up early to serve my treadmill time before leaving, I know that is impossible even though Robby has graciously offered to give up his treadmill turn for me to have an early morning turn.  But I did wake up early enough that we were able to get everyone ready, eat breakfast, empty trash cans, fold laundry and clean the bathrooms.  
  • Everyone loves their Bible study teachers and no one usually fusses about going into their classes so that is nice.  Reagan walks off to her class by herself and the boys do as well.  Reagan desperately wants to drop Keaton or Campbell off by herself and I would be fine with that but those two do not like that idea at all.  
  • After the lecture this morning the kids came and did a song.  The big kids were first and Reagan's group sang "Our God" and did some motions along with it.  I know that her eyes look like we have been hitting her but I guess she got a bit of sun yesterday.  Campbell's class was next and they sang quite a few songs along with reciting all of their Bible verses, saying the pledge and God Bless America.  The boys joined Campbell's group with the last 3 things and then they did a few numbers including a song about the fruits of the spirit and listing the disciples.  Keaton wasn't quite old enough to make it on stage this year-maybe next year.
  • For lunch, we met our friends at Rock Creek and the kids ate lunch between runs up in the tubes. My Whitman sat perfectly in the stroller watching everyone-the kids had too many lunches on the floor to let him down.  Keaton kept up with Campbell for the most part and when our group of 15 kids left the place was completely empty.
  • Then we went to see Beebee.  I had brought the kids oral reports and as soon as we walked in, Graham started reading his to her.  I don't even know if I was able to say hi before he started in on his report.  Everyone had their turn and Keaton was very upset with me that I forgot to bring her Kroger coupon book that she had been doing her oral report from.  I handed her some stickers and asked if she could talk about them and she did a bit.  
  • After their tummies were full of candy and their pockets were full of money, it was time for us to go (by this time in the afternoon, Whitman is just done!)  He and Keaton fell asleep on the way home and never even stirred when I moved them to their beds.  The kids helped me unload the car and soon they were watching their movies and I was on the treadmill.
  • We read a few books at supper and then it was time for the last 3:16 Live.  Tonight was the celebration for the year and there were games and then ice cream for everyone so a celebration it indeed was.  After the kids played on the playground for awhile, we headed home for a drink and then bedtime for my crew. 
  • A few minutes after we closed their door, Keaton called us to cover her up.  Robby went upstairs to cover her and Graham and Campbell were already sound asleep.

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