August 31, 2014

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Gearing up for cheer practice!

  • Sunday morning and cinnamon rolls were for breakfast.  Cooking them took a bit longer than expected-sometimes the oven takes forever to preheat-so the kids probably felt like they were in a cinnamon roll eating contest this morning.  Everyone gobbled down their food and made it to can fully dressed with teeth brushed.  
  • Church was fine-second week that no one was hauled out!  Robby did Sunday school with the 3rd graders and I helped out in the preschool with worship care.  We had a room full of kids when Robby ran through picking up my girls-they were the last ones in their class.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and the kids took over the dining room table with Lilli in charge.  We don't know if they ate anything at all but we do know that the grown ups lunch was peaceful!  Ha!  The kids enjoyed playing for a bit with Lilli and Cash.  When they left, my kids all lined up to play Grandpa's ipad for a bit before we headed to the grocery store.
  • Robby ran in a picked up milk for the next 5 days (5 gallons)  and then we went home to rest for a bit.  The kids helped unload and put away some laundry before watching their movies (they weren't too happy with us)  Then we all rested and watched tv until 5.
  • Then the kids played some until it was supper time.  After supper, everyone but Whitman, Reagan and I went outside.  The outside crew took a walk and Campbell ended up riding her no-training wheel bike the entire way.  Reagan changed her mind and decided to run out and find the others but she couldn't find them.  Eventually, they showed back up and she went outside and soon Keaton came inside.  
  • Outside they played some football and a game of kickball before coming in.  Graham said he didn't understand why he had to take a shower-said all of that as sweat was dripping off of his head.  Inside, Keaton, Whitman and I played with the Little People sets.  
  • We then had shower time for everyone and we followed that up with ice cream truck.  Robby had picked up the uniforms for the football and cheerleaders here.  So we let everyone open up their boxes and try on their uniforms before herding everyone to bed. 

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