Christmas Ornament Countdown: 13 Days until Christmas

This year when we went to Chicago the weather did not cooperate at all.  Our plans for the day were going to be the splurge and ride the double decker bus tour and a boat tour.  The drizzle caused Robby and I to try to quickly figure out plan B.  We went to the aquarium but Robby and I firmly believe that once you have seen one fish, you have seen them all so we were not too impressed with the aquarium (even though the kids loved it!-we were probably just too disappointed in our change of plans).  After the aquarium, we drove around and around and then found out that not only was the rain messing up our double decker bus tour but it was messing up our boat tour because the river was too high for the boats.  We (Robby and I) were bummed!  But then the clouds parted and the sun came shone and the next thing the kids knew were that they were on the top of a double decker bus zooming all around Chicago.  The bus tour was the best thing since we had thought we weren't going to get to do it at all....and yep, our ornament is a trolley because they had trolleys too that we could have hopped on but we never ended up on a trolley.  Either way, double decker bus or trolley, the day couldn't have been much better!  Here is the link to that day's post.

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