December 15, 2014

The countdown continues...
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  • Campbell must love school because she eagerly gets ready, picks her breakfast and leaves when hardly anyone else is awake these days.  She carried cheerios and an orange for breakfast.  When Robby came home, he asked if the oranges were good because Campbell said hers tasted bad.  I said that I had peeled at least 5 others ones today and no one had said anything and then I realized that the one thing Campbell did before climbing in the car and eating her orange was brushing her teeth-that is why that orange didn't taste good.  Hope she wasn't too hungry all day!
  • It didn't take too long for my school kids to start on school and things went really well until about 9:30 and that is when poor Whitman fell apart.  I did Reagan's language with her while holding him so he wouldn't scream but unfortunately, most of the time he was screaming so I was shouting Reagan's lesson to her and she was having to shout back her answers.  I couldn't get that baby happy-he wanted to climb on the table and work the puzzle with Graham.  After hearing as much of his fussing as we could stand, I took him upstairs to nap about 45 minutes earlier than usual.  On the way, he laid his little head down on my shoulders-I guess he was really just tired.
  • Anderson was the school slow-poke today.  But by the time I had finished making lunch, he had knocked the last few things out which is good because my goal is to have everyone finished with everything by the week of Christmas (probably won't happen).  Now, I still might have them work on a few things during the break but no real school for a few days!
  • Lunch was fine though my Christmas wish is a cook to make lunches around here for me.  Just 6-8 lunches 5 days a week is all that I ask.  I need to do some pinterest research on that idea.  After lunch, we all picked up the house-neither boy wanted to vacuum so I said that I would if they would clean the kitchen.  I have heard once that you have to teach children to do everything and that is so true-they were working hard on the kitchen but I still had to tell them each and every step to do.  
  • Reagan and I spent quite a bit of time this afternoon making a little Christmas gift add on-I will tell you one thing, the glue gun is not my friend at all.  We even spent so much time working that Keaton and Whitman didn't nap until 3-an hour later than usual.  Whitman slept great even though I didn't think that he would because of his longer than usual morning nap.  Keaton wasn't going to go to sleep until I told her that she needed to sleep so she would grow taller.  Then I added that we would measure her when she woke up to see if she did grow taller-and she remembered.  Whitman and her were standing up and she leaned against the wall and said "am I taller?"  After a good nap, I am sure that she was taller.
  • Soon Campbell came home from school.  She was treated to Sonic when Grannymom picked her up and I do believe that the highlight of her day was taking Wilson (Dana's dog) on a walk.  She also graphically reported how the dog used the restroom-good to know that is digestive track is working well!  
  • Once Robby picked her up, they came home.  Minutes before they came home, Anderson decided he wanted to go outside.  I told him that was great but he needed to go outside immediately-I even pointed out that it was starting to get dark.  Graham and hi went out soon afterwards and stayed for a while.  Anderson said that they came in because Graham said he was scared which Graham vehemently denied.  I am sure that Graham wasn't too happy about it being dark but he still denied saying that but I am pretty sure Anderson wouldn't make that up.
  • We had our supper-Mexican and then it was time for showers for some.  Reagan didn't want to take a shower so Robby told her that if she picked up the bedroom, living room and toy room she wouldn't have to take a shower.  Since she had a shower the other night, she probably didn't have to have one but silly girl, picking up all of those rooms took much longer than taking a quick shower. 
  • The kids had time to play upstairs and pulled out an old car track and played well.  The track would shoot the cars around the track that they had made and if the cars went around the track, everyone would squeal and scream.  This was loads of fun but Whitman only wanted to sit in the middle of this track causing the cars not to go so I would distract him and bring him downstairs and then he would hear their commotion and crawl back up the stairs to sit back in his spot starting our whole process over again.  By Whitman's bedtime, I was the one tired from fetching him and hauling him down the stairs!
  • Once he went to sleep, the rest of us did our nightly routine adding in What God Wants for Christmas activities.  The kids were attentive so that made the evening pretty nice.  

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