December 6, 2014-Happy (early) Birthday Campbell!

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Celebrating Campbell's 5th Birthday at Larry's Pizza!

  • You would think that after staying up until 11, all of the kids would sleep late but no, Anderson was in bed with us by 7:20 and Campbell was not too far behind. By that time Anderson had moved on to playing his kindle so there was plenty of room for Campbell.  I reached over to snuggle with her and felt her dress-her dress to wear to her party.  That baby was so excited that she was already ready-dress, headband, bracelet and even her Birthday Girl button.  
  • I tried my best to tell her that it looked beautiful but that we didn't want to get it wrinkled or messy with our breakfast so she would need to take it off.  That didn't go too well but eventually she did change-after falling back asleep for another hour in our bed.  By this time, it was time to jump up and go get her cupcakes and breakfast doughnuts.  Robby and all of the girls went while I hung out with the boys.  Anderson and Graham played on their kindles and Whitman unfolded my laundry.)
  • Once the breakfast crew were back home, we all had doughnuts for breakfast.  Robby asked Whitman if he wanted a doughnut and that baby ran to his highchair saying "doughnut, doughnut."  Sometimes I think that he understands everything that we say. 
  • The morning was pretty restful-I worked on a project for next week, Robby cleaned his office and the kids played peacefully.  Right before lunch most everyone went outside for a bit-there was some basketball, bike riding and leaf raking.  When everyone migrated in, I dished up lunch and then the kids went back outside.  
  • The afternoon was just a perfect as the morning-not a whole lot going on.  We eventually showered everyone and then loaded up to leave for Campbell's party.  We had a few errands to run first and then we were way too early so Robby had to drive a huge loop before arriving-all while the kids kept asking "is this the way?" and "shouldn't we be there yet?"  
  • This year Campbell's party was at Larry's Pizza.  She invited Laynie and Adilyn and their families, along with Cash (Lilli and Dana came after cotillion), Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Nonna and Pops.  All of the grands had their Sunday school party after our party, so they didn't get to eat.
  • Everyone ate and then we sang Happy Birthday to Campbell-can't believe that she is going to be 5.  I think she was so excited that she was almost in a trance as we sang to her tonight. She blew out her candles and then everyone dug in to her Helly Kitty cupcakes.  Then the girl opened her presents-lots of Helly Kitty stuff, a pillow, a game, Frozen stuff, art supplies-she couldn't have been any happier....well, she might have become happier when Robby then started passing out game tokens to everyone.
  • The kids played and played in the game room.  They played until the token cup ran dry and then they played some more (Reagan had her purse and made sure that she had some dollar bills in there.)  Most of the boys ended up with some type of sticky thing that crawls down the walls (that is what my boys spent most of the evening doing) and the girls ended up with candy.  Campbell, Laynie and Adilyn did all get huge sunglasses which made for a great photo op.  
  • Everyone else left and then we ran by Dana's house to grab clothes for Cash and Lilli and her clothes.  Then it was to our house to continue this birthday celebration.  The boys played with their sticky things and the girls worked on Campbell's Hello Kitty legos.  
  • Eventually, we read our Bible verses, pulled our Santa down, talked about 2 ornaments from the tree and then sent the troops to bed.  Girls upstairs in the beds and boys downstairs in the living room.  Everyone is quiet right now except for Keaton who is coughing-she will probably end up being moved to our room so we can all get some sleep.  These past few late nights are going to catch up with my kiddos.  

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