December 17, 2014

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Christmas Caroling for BeeBee and Friends!

  • When we went to bed last night, Robby told me to make sure that my alarm was off and that would guarantee that the kids would wake up early.  He was right-even though that have been sleeping until 8 or later lately, today everyone was up near 7.  Even my Whitman who sits in his bed quietly was jabbering away this morning.  
  • I guess that was a good thing because we started school near 8-Graham and Reagan even started their school work while I was working on breakfast.  Breakfast was toast and yogurt and unfortunately, one container of yogurt is barely enough anymore.  
  • Since we had started school on time and maybe because Robby was off today and home or maybe just because the stars were aligned perfectly-whatever it was caused school to go perfectly well today.  I can't explain how wonderful it was and then soon after lunch the day just fell apart-but that is how it goes.  You take the good with the bad!
  • Lunch was fine and we are also now a 2 box mac and cheese family.  They survived on just one box but everyone kept asking for seconds and were all mentally counting how many pieces of pasta they were spooned up each time.  Next time I will just cook 2 boxes and have leftovers.  
  • After lunch, we started our daily routine of straightening the house and doing chores.  This is when my Graham fell apart-him and Anderson couldn't decide on which trash cans to empty.  I probably should have stepped in and just told them exactly what to do but I thought I would let them work it out.  That didn't work!  Graham eventually fell apart and the only way for me to not lose my mind is to send him to his bed.  I made it clear that he was not in trouble but that he was tired because he was so fussy and needed to rest before we left the house.  I also made it clear that not fussing or screaming at me was mandatory or he would continue his rest when we came home.  He was only upstairs for about 45 minutes but when I did call him down and talked to him, he was calm and that seemed to work.  Maybe I will try that again and maybe it will work.
  • Whitman had gone out to eat with Grannymom and Grandpa along with Robby.  So he missed our nursing home singing with all of our homeschool buddies.  Nonna and Pops were there when we arrived and we then took Beebee to the front to wait on our buddies.  We found a room full of ladies getting their nails polished so we sang to them and them.  Ethan played a few songs on his keyboard and Noah played a bit on his violin.  When they were singing, my little Keaton stood in the front singing away-I don't know what she sang but she was moving her little lips and it was just adorable!
  • Then when our singing was finished the kids passed out cards that they had made.  I was pretty impressed with how all of the kids didn't shy away from anyone and seemed to enjoy passing out cards.  Reagan accidentally passed out Anderson's cards so that did cause a bit of a commotion in my crew.  Reagan apologized and tried to give him some of her others cards but he would have none of that-he did finally pass out one of Keaton's cards.  My boy can be a bit stubborn and a bit of a pouter sometimes.  But he soon perked up and I think he enjoyed hanging out with his buddies-even it if was at a nursing home!
  • I do think that the kiddos brightened up some old folks day and I know that they made Beebee pretty proud.  After singing, Reagan went home with Kennedy to spend the night and when we made it home, the kids watched a movie.
  • It was leftovers for supper and then we all went upstairs to watch another movie-Robby found lots of redbox coupon codes today!  (We are actually watching one now-if I am not making any sense that is the reason why!)  
  • The kids watched the movie perfectly-Keaton and Campbell all cuddled up to me.  Anderson and Graham were near Robby and Whitman wandered around the room and would even sit on our laps occasionally.  He even got to watch the entire movie-that means that he was excellent!  
  • I think that my kids were pretty tired tonight-another good day around here! 

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