December 18, 2014

Christmas Class Party!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Keaton and Robby took Campbell to school this morning. She couldn't wait to get there to give Ms. Stacy her gift.  I hadn't really thought that much about what we gave her but probably a blanket wasn't the best thing since I saw at least 2 other ones that Ms. Stacy received today! Campbell didn't care though and Ms. Stacy was very thankful.
  • The rest of us started school and at one point, I even told the boys that things sure were different with Reagan not here.  Oddly enough, the boys sat at their desks and worked and worked-it was just weird.  By the time Keaton and Robby came home, the boys were over halfway finished with their work.  Whitman was even cooperating and spent quite a bit of time putting magnets on the magnet board.  
  • It seemed like Robby had just been back for a few minutes when it was time for me to leave to go to Campbell's school party.  The kids were so excited-they had cookies, played 3 games and lots of folks passed out goodie bags.  Campbell had a blast and when it was over, we ran to pick Reagan up from Kennedy.
  • Reagan had a big night out-she ate Larry's pizza, watched The Santa Clause, had Shipleys for breakfast and painted her nails.  It was a night away for her.  Once we made it home, Campbell and Reagan joined the boys in watching our last redbox movie.  They were watching it quietly, so I just pulled Whitman's high chair in the living room and they all ate their "snacky" lunch in there.  A "snacky" lunch is always more fun than a regular lunch.
  • After that the kids played some, then we did our together work followed by some straightening. When they had finished in the toy room, the started playing up there and I came downstairs. For some reason I thought that we had about 40 minutes before we had to leave but I was wrong and it was right then time to leave.  Everyone was dressed and ready so it didn't take long to hop in the car and we were soon off to our eye doctor appointments.
  • Robby's eyes were the same, mine were better this year than last year (they were also better that year than the year before-woo hoo!) and Graham has a slight astigmatism and is slightly near sighted (or maybe he said far-sighted) but still got an all clean and said he didn't even have to come back next year (I plan on bringing another Dennie in his place.) 
  • After the appointments, we went to eat at Ta Molly's.  It had been a while since we had all been out to eat and the kids did pretty well.  My Whitman isn't really "out to eat trained" yet but we will get there.  He does love cheese dip though and licked his bowl clean.  Whenever he got fussy, I would give him another spoonful of cheese dip!-that makes me happy too!
  • Even though we ate at 4:!5, the kids and us were all pretty tired so we came home and put on our pjs.  Then we watched another Redbox movie (they keep sending us free codes) in the bonus room after Whitman went to bed.  
  • Then it was time for all of our December activities and after bedtime, I guess that it is present wrapping time for me!

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