December 12, 2014

Mom and Dad love to embarrass the kids!
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  • No one was in too much hurry to get up this morning and that was fine with us.  I finally had to stir my late sleepers and start on breakfast.  I pulled out pumpkin muffins today for breakfast thinking they might be a hit-I was wrong.  My perfect boys did gladly eat their muffins and Reagan did eat a bite but then said she didn't like them with chocolate chips and opted for cereal instead.  But my Campbell and my Keaton said that they didn't like pumpkin muffins and I said "try them or miss breakfast."  Sometimes these children of mine are just ridiculous-there is not a hint of pumpkin taste in those muffins.  I made them eat a bite so they took a tiny nibble so I made them eat a man-sized bite before getting a bowl of honey nut cheerios!
  • And that is pretty much how the morning went. School was fine but I remember when Graham was in Ms. Stacy's class, I felt incredible guilty when school went so much better when he was at school than it went when he was at home.  And now I am feeling that way about Campbell.  She is one of my 6th favorite kids but she just stirs things up around here.  
  • Every school day around 11, the kids are pretty much finished with school so we take that time for all of our together work-Bible verses, memory work, history, science (when Campbell is home) and lots of reading.  Some days the kids all listen and it is just a nice little time (sometimes my favorite of the day) but other days (today) no one could sit still, people kept getting hurt (how can you get hurt if you are sitting still on the floor?), everyone had to go to the bathroom but they wanted me to stop reading so they wouldn't miss anything and there were almost tears when I didn't read history first.  What in the world?  After a good ole lecture, I asked for suggestions on how to make that part of the day better-Reagan suggested everyone sitting on pillows and not being able to get up.  Unfortunately, only a roll of duct tape could make that happen!
  • Next up was a quick lunch and then we loaded up to go and see Beebee.  She was happy to see all of us and the kids were on the best behavior-after our morning, I had threatened that they would lose their kindles until the rest of the year.  I had made it clear that my boys could not touch Beebee's up and down chair and her stick that she uses to grab things.  I guess cute little Whitman didn't think those instructions implied to him because he grabbed Beebee's grabber and started acting like it was a gun-where do they learn these things?
  • Pops showed up and Keaton climbed in his lap and stayed there until we left.  On the way home, I did reward everyone with Sonic drinks-it is pretty hard to avoid these days since my big 3 watch the clocks waiting on happy hour and my Campbell asked as we drove home "is it 'happy time' yet?"-I thought that was the cutest thing.
  • At home, we had a restful afternoon waiting on our Sunday school Christmas party tonight.  It was an ugly sweater party so Robby picked us up sweaters-mine was pretty decent but his had a dog and cats with Santa hats on his.  The kids were pretty pumped about going to church-lots of play time and they loved it.  And when it was time to come home, they were pretty tired so we pulled our Santa and then put everyone to bed.  Whitman must not have been too tired because he is still talking and it is almost 11!

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