December 13, 2014-Happy (real) Birthday Anderson!

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Happy 8th Birthday Anderson!

  • It was a big day around here because it was Anderson's real birthday.  He was one of the first ones to wake up this morning.  The wise men were even hidden in a pretty awesome spot this morning-hanging from the light by the kids stairs and Anderson was pretty pleased that he was one of the first ones to find those men (if you sleep too long, then everyone else is so excited about where the wise men are that they just blurt it out!)
  • We had a good breakfast of cinnamon rolls in the fridge but we didn't have time to bake them so we had to opt for the next best thing-well, really the quickest thing-pop tarts.  The kids ate and soon we were in the car to go and see Santa.
  • This was at least our 4th year to see Santa at the Clinton library.  Santa is wonderful there and has been the same Santa each year but the ladies that run the Santa line just take the joy out of Christmas.  We did NOT get into trouble this year but we were on our best behavior-well, Robby did get snapped out for taking a picture before the camera lady took her picture but other than that, we did good.  Anderson really wanted another cookie but we wouldn't dare let him re-approach the cookie table for fear that he would get his hand smacked.  (One year, I took a cookie for myself from the cookie table.  I was told that those were just for the children.  I politely apologized but took the cookie anyway since I was holding it.)
  • Sorry, back to today and Santa.  Anderson went first followed by Graham.  They told Santa what they wanted-Anderson didn't tell us what he said and I am not even sure what Graham said to Santa.  Reagan was next and then Campbell went.  C wanted to hesitate going to see the jolly old man but she did fine.  Grannymom had been holding Keaton so she could see what all was happening and after watching the others she sat right in Santa's lap and then smiled away.  My Whitman also did great-I told Santa that he wouldn't be happy but that would be fine and handed him off.  Whitman never smiled but he did great sitting on Santa's lap and I attribute that to all of the old folks he sees at the nursing home every week.
  • After Santa, we decided to ride the trolley around downtown.  The trolley was free today so we hopped on.  The kids loved going around the town and Whitman enjoyed the ride at first but then he became a bit restless.  They even had cookies on the trolley so really, what more could my kids want-Santa, a cookie and then more cookies on a trolley ride.  
  • We then dropped off Grannymom and Grandpa and came home.  At home, we cleaned out the van and it was pretty dirty so it took all of us to pull out car seats, wash the towels, pick up the trash and vacuum it out.  The kids eventually started a football game while Robby and I worked on putting up our Santa, who does look like he has spent some time in Hawaii during his off season, and putting up our Thomas the Train.
  • The plan was to watch the last few minutes of the Razorback basketball game but neighbor man came over and slowed us down a bit so the boys missed the last of the game.  But they did find solace in playing their kindles before showers.  Everyone had showers while Whitman napped. 
  • For supper, Nonna, Pops, Jason, Grannymom and Grandpa came over to help us celebrate Anderson's birthday.  We had chili and then Anderson has been asking about cheesecake forever, so we also had a huge cheesecake for all of us.  Anderson said he had a good birthday so it made for a great day.
  • Before bed, we had time to look at two ornaments from the tree and even pulling out the album to see exactly where we bought one of those ornaments, reading our December Bible verses and even reading our Bible story book before bed.  
  • Tonight as I tucked Campbell in, she looked at me and said "Santa said that I was on his good list. He doesn't know that I have been bad, he doesn't know."  I replied with that maybe Santa is giving her another chance and she thoughtfully said "oh."

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