December 10, 2014

Campbell thinks Keaton should change her outfit?!?
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  • Keaton had one pretty good coughing spell in the middle of the night but after that she slept very well.  (And so far tonight, I haven't heard her cough yet but it is still early in the evening.)  When we did wake up this morning, my first thought was that I had to get up and find Campbell some clothes to wear to school but then I realized that today was a no school day!  Those don't seem to come around very often!
  • Everyone was pretty slow to rise this morning but as soon as I picked up my Whitman out of the bed, I knew he wasn't feeling great.  That poor baby had fever pretty much all day long.  During school he sat in my lap a long time and when he was about to go to sleep, he looked at me and said "shhh."  He didn't feel pitiful all day long because much of his day was spend in front of the Christmas tree watching the monorail go around.  "Choo choo" he would say over and over.
  • School was pretty good today-Campbell did add a bit of life to things.  That child can be the sweetest thing ever or she can just be a plain mess.  Yesterday, I told Robby that I thought her behavior was due to her being at school all day and then coming home and being really tired.  So today, her behavior killed that theory of mine.  She did keep my on my toes but when she earned a mandatory naptime today, she did try her best to garner my attention during her nap but I kept on baking my muffins.  
  • When we did finish school today, we had a bit of house work to do.  The kids helped me out quite a bit-mainly because we were working to get things clean for tomorrow's big party.  When my Graham works, he is the hardest worker of my crew.  And thankfully, today he was a worker-even though he mumbled the entire time that he was vacuuming, he still did a pretty decent job.  
  • Not to slight Reagan though, I was busy working in the kitchen today and asked her to fold the laundry and she folded all of the laundry (including putting Keaton, Whitman, Robby and my laundry away.)  I did put up the rest of her folded laundry but I was pretty pleased to know that she could do this.  Keaton had been assigned to help her and even though they did all of that work, they still manged to spend a lot of time hiding each other in the laundry pile.
  • The afternoon flew by-each day when Anderson reads, he always says "time just flies when you are having fun."-Well, time flew by this afternoon with lots of kindling, lots of tv watching and lots of napping. 
  • When Robby came home, it was time to gobble down supper and then head to church for the last Wednesday night until the new year.  First, we had to drop Whitman off at Nonna's house since he was a bit feverish today and then my quick weekly run into the library.  The kids had a good time tonight and when we made it home, we had enough time to finish off Campbell's birthday cupcakes before going to bed!

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