December 30, 2014

Celebrating New Year's Eve Eve!
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  • Since last night was a late night, it meant a late morning around here.  My Anderson has been the last one to wake up the past few days-trading that role with Reagan.  Keaton, Campbell and Graham are always the first ones up. The girls laid in bed with us some but then they were soon zooming around the kitchen in the plasma car-that isn't the quietest of things to do in the morning when the rest of the house is sleeping. Whatever were we thinking-plasma car in the house and a cd/karaoke machine too for Christmas?  Next year we will be giving them whistles and drum sets.
  • Whitman was actually the one that caused us to get out of bed-he kept pulling at my fingers and then led me to his high chair.  (Now, don't feel too sorry for him since I had already been out of bed at least 10 times getting things for other little people.)  I cut him a banana and emptied the dishwasher.  Then I started on breakfast-toast and yogurt.  As soon as Whitman saw that yogurt, he made sure that I understood that he wanted some of that.  He loves him some yogurt and applesauce.
  • We did a bit more of science this morning and our reading.  Robby had a dentist appointment so when he was gone we sorted our legos.  They are sorted into colors but often those buckets get a bit crazy and then we needed to put their new Christmas legos up on shelves. All of those extra pieces needed to be sorted and some how we ended up with a huge bucket of legos to color-ize at another time.  I had planned for the kids to clean out their school desks too so maybe we could stick some of their Christmas art supplies in there but we didn't get around to that...maybe tomorrow,
  • We did get around to reading about our December artist-Henri Matisse.  I know I waited until the last minute but it was a fairly easy artist to do.  Matisse painted until he became too sick to paint and eventually started using his scissors and cutting out paper to create his masterpieces.  I am sure that is more than you wanted to know but it might help you win a Trivia game (or Trivia Crack if you are like us.)  Graham was the one who used the canvas today and everyone really enjoyed cutting and gluing-but really, who doesn't love using glue?
  • Mac and cheese for supper and then Robby finally came home from the dentist.  He brought lights. I thought he had been gone too long - he managed to swing by Walmart and Home Depot before coming home. And soon Grannymom and Grandpa came over for their second work day.  Today's task was a bit easier (I guess, don't really know since I haven't been doing any of the work.)  Grandpa installed a new light in my dark, dark pantry-tonight Robby just stood staring at the new light he is so proud of it.  My pantry is now the cleanest it has been in a long time-hopefully since we can now see our groceries that pantry will be more useful-I had been pretty much relying on the one on the other side of the house.
  • When Grannymom and Grandpa left, I restocked my pantry and then got myself ready for us to go out to eat.  Last year we went to Pei Wei on the day before New Year's Eve (I guess it would be New Year's Adam since Adam came before Eve).  This year the crowd was a bit crazy and we had to wait in line for about 30 minutes to order-it was crowded, it was loud, it was a bit too stand but the kids did great.  They were so excited to eat out that they knew they better be on their best behavior-ha!  Actually, Reagan asked Robby the other day when we were going to go eat at someplace fancy where we had to get all dressed up.  I hope that Pei Wei counted-she did get dressed up and even wore her new boots.  I put on my grey church sweater so I would think that she can now mark that off of her list.
  • The kids loved their lo mein noodles-ate 2 orders of it but my Whitman was quite intrigued with the noodles.  He would lift them up, look at them and then finally eat them.  I said last night that he might be getting pickier-but I was pleased that he did eat the noodles (he also ate mac and cheese for lunch-at one time he wouldn't eat any pasta.)
  • The Wilsons had us come over to their house on the spur of the moment to discuss summer trip plans.  They had a table set up with their Christmas goodies on it and my kids found that table and pretty much devoured their Christmas goodies-it was like we had not just come from a restaurant.  The boys played video games, the girls bounced from place to place and Whitman just played in the floor with animals and dominoes.  Some of the animals that he played with had a button on the bottom that made a noise so that bright boy flipped over all of the animals looking for more buttons to push.  
  • It was another late night when we made it home but I guess the kids are getting used to late nights and everyone quickly put on their pjs and brushed their teeth before bed.  

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