December 2, 2014

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Making a GIANT Cookie

  • Another school day for Campbell but today, I had to pull her out of bed to get her to wake up.  I promised her that if she went right downstairs she could lay in bed with Robby for a minute before having to get ready.  Once she was ready for school, we quickly cooked our gourmet breakfast of toast and yogurt.  I urged her to eat her yogurt first since she couldn't take it in the car and then off they went.  She was pretty excited about school today because she was the snack helper-goldfish, raisins and apple juice.
  • Back at home, the rest of us finished our breakfasts and then we started on school.  Graham was still a bit antsy and Anderson was so distracted. Graham is usually the most obnoxious during school when he is working on his math-falling out of his chair, counting loudly and roaming around.  And Anderson will do anything and everything to avoid his math (though he misses about 1 out of 100 problems he works)   I tried to sit near him while he was doing his math but that gets him frustrated even if I am not paying any attention to him.  So I hung up a sign over their desks today that said "Do your math first or lose your kindle."  It is my current rule for them to do their math first but I never enforce it but I guess I need to start now.
  • Everyone eventually finished this math and even finished all of the day's school.  It did take Anderson until after lunch to finish his work and strangely enough he even managed to miss out on chores while he was doing his work after lunch.  I need to figure out how that can't happen again either.  But he was ready to help me make his snack for Bible study tomorrow.  He helped some and then Reagan jumped in and thought of adding a Christmas tree made from M&Ms onto his cookie cake.  Probably a cookie cake with red and green icing was not the best thought out plan since they are going to sing in big church after eating that cookie.  
  • The afternoon was pretty low key-Whitman too another nap and Keaton went to sleep.  So that left me time to do a few things-mainly finish Anderson's cookie and gather clothes and all for our day tomorrow.  The kids watched their daily movies and soon Campbell and Robby were home with supper.
  • We ate our supper and then read our verse.  Reagan picked out an ornament for us to talk about-Mozart from Austria.  Since we had gone into the closet with a candle last night for an object lesson about our Bible verses, the kids were pretty bummed that we didn't do that again tonight.  Then we also pulled our Santa piece down before a bit of free time.
  • Even though the evening started off well, it didn't end too well.  Robby told the kids to put on their pjs and then come back and sit down for just 5 minutes while we put Whitman in bed (made the part about sitting down very clear) before we watched one more tv show and had a piece of candy.  Two boys wrestling and 2 girls running around is what we found so that made the evening much quieter downstairs.  Reagan was the only one left up and she read and played her kindle while Keaton, Campbell and Graham cried from their beds.  Anderson was in his bed but he wasn't as noisy as the rest.  Sometimes you have to learn a lesson the hard way. 

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