December 9. 2014

The Dennis "Disney" Monorail is Up and Running!
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  • My Keaton started coughing last night before I had even finished this blog. That girl coughed and coughed.  So the kids could sleep well tonight, I scooped her up and brought her down to our room where after one coughing spell she slept perfectly.  In fact she slept so well that after climbing in bed with us this morning, she then slept until 9:30.  We had been in and out of my room a zillion times and she never stirred-that baby was tired.  
  • Campbell had school this morning and had to take 6 of something.  She chose to bring 6 horses to show and was very pleased with her choice.  Things like that make it easy for her to go to school.  Today when she left, Keaton was still sleeping and Reagan was still sleeping-it was almost quiet here.  
  • We then stared on school which went well.  I counted the work that I have pulled out and we have 7 more school days before Christmas so that isn't too bad.  Though I probably will make them do another day of catch up/fun stuff.  
  • Lunch was next and as I scurried around making lunch, I decided that as one of my new year's resolutions I will figure out how to pre-make some of our lunches.  That is the craziest time of the day for me-well, that and the other 17 hours that I am awake are pretty crazy too.
  • After lunch, we picked up for a bit and then the kids had some free time before Nonna brought home Campbell.  Pops even showed up since he was nearby.  I had Nonna help us make some playdough and the kids really enjoyed this task.  I don't think that we had ever made playdough before but I do plan to make some gingerbread playdough for us to use this season.
  • When Nonna and Pops left, the kids watched a few movies while I finished up supper.  Robby and I started on a few gingerbread houses when he came home.  He had already been to 2 Kroger's looking for white chocolate as the glue to hold our houses together.  But then we decided that we didn't have the right crackers-we needed the big kind with 4 crackers together and not just 2.  So to Kroger I went to pick up those crackers-3 Kroger stores in less than 3 hours!  I am surprised that they took my credit card.  
  • Back at home, the kids had finished up supper and then they started on their showers while gingerbread house building began.  Surprisingly, it didn't take too long to make 20 houses-they are by no means pinterest worthy but they are decent enough for a 3-9 year old to decorate. Next year, we will be much better at our house building.  After building those houses and making sure that they were sturdy-ish, we cleaned the kitchen.
  • Then it was time to put up our monorail to go around the Christmas tree.  The kids loved helping with the monorail and things went smoothly-I do think that they could have watched that thing go around the tree all evening long.  
  • Before bed, we read our Bible verses and pulled our Santa down.  And just about as soon as Keaton laid down, her coughing came back.  I let her cough for a bit but I didn't want for her to get sick (like last night) so I moved her again to our room.  I think she might like sleeping in our room!-wonder if all of this coughing is just an act so we will move her downstairs.

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