Christmas Ornament Countdown: 9 Days until Christmas

Another year, we had gone to Mt. Rushmore and wanted to go to the Corn Palace because we had heard so much about it but didn't because it was too far.  This year it was just about an hour out of the way so we drove to see it.  We have a pretty good record of visiting building, especially state capitols, during renovation and the Corn Palace was no different.  They still had corn murals inside and it was something to see-imagine a big picture made of different colored corn cobs.  It was neat but not worth more than an hours drive out of the way (but I am glad that we marked it off of the list.) What the kids will remember most about the Corn Palace is the hotel that we stayed in that night-it had a water park in it and we had no idea about it until we drove up and the hotel had slides coming out of it-imagine their surprise (and ours-since we had planned on a nice quiet early to bed evening!)

Here is that days post.

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