December 29, 2014

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Project Day Around the House!

  • The kids were up early today because they knew that Grannymom and Grandpa would soon be here.  We had our breakfast and while everyone was eating we read a chapter of our current book (The Family Under the Bridge) and then we did a quick bit of science.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa arrived and the excitement started.  The shelves in Robby's office had started to lean and the brace even crashed through the drywall. We have no idea why this happened-it surely couldn't be because I use every inch on those shelves as my pantry. Those babies have to hold up pounds and pounds of food for my people.  
  • Robby and Grandpa worked on the shelves all morning long and stopped for lunch.  Grannymom played with the kids while I scurried around doing some things in the house.  The boys did help organize our shoes, match up our lost socks and Reagan organized all of the American Girl doll clothes.  After our lasagna lunch, Robby and Grandpa started another project in my pantry.  I did get a lesson on my new jigsaw today so that was perfect as well.  
  • After Grannymom and Grandpa left, the kids napped and watched movies while Robby and I worked on reloading up the closet.  I have straightened that closet before but I have never taken everything out of it and started over.  I think that we did much better this time and even have some extra room-maybe I need to go to the grocery store to fill up those shelves.
  • The afternoon went by too quickly because by the time that we had finished our project and straightened the downstairs, it was time for Whitman to wake up.  When I go and get him, he is usually standing in his pack n play staring at the door-wonder how long that perfect baby stands there quietly and waits on me.  
  • The kids did some massive perler beading today-meaning, I spent most of my evening ironing and ironing some more.  We finally had supper-sandwiches or tortillas. The kids helped us straighten a bit more and then we just let them play and play until time for the ballgame.  When it was time for the ballgame Robby's tv/signal/internet/something would only work for about 1 minute and then go off.  This was a tad bit humorous to me but not so much to Robby and the boys.  They were getting pretty upset about all of this.  Thankfully, Robby was able to play the game on the tv through his phone signal. 
  • Anderson is so enjoying this ballgame.  He is jumping up and down and yelling like I remember his Daddy doing many years ago.  I am really surprised that he hasn't woken up Whitman yet with all of his screaming.  I will almost hate to put him in bed...nah, I won't mind!  Right now it is still in the first half of the ballgame-Anderson is still yelling loud and Campbell and Keaton are on each side of me covered up and probably about to fall asleep (at least I hope).
  • It is kind of cruel keeping the kids up so late-all of our Christmas festivities they stayed up late, we had a late movie night, the ballgame tonight and New Years Eve later this week.  They are still a bit sleep deprived but thankfully we can catch up on some sleep in the days to come.
  • Update: 3 of the 6 kids managed to stay up until the end of the game (11:20 pm).  Whitman went to bed before it started and Campbell and Graham made it until about 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter.   I think Anderson could watch another 4 quarters... but we're going to bed!

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