December 14, 2014-Happy Birthday Anderson (one more time!)

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One more birthday celebration!

  • This morning Anderson suggested that we should start waking up at 8 instead of our mandatory "can't get out of bed until 7."  I guess we have slowly moved our wake up time around here a bit later-maybe because we are staying up later or possibly because our house is just so cold in the mornings.  
  • Actually, the house is cold until the heat turns on and when it does, the heat blows right on my spot in the bed. Usually by this time, there are people on both sides of me and at least two blankets on top of me and I get so incredibly hot that I have to climb out of bed and lay on the floor to cool off.  
  • This morning though I didn't have time for any of that nonsense-I had a shower to take and 6 kids to get ready. Robby fed the kids breakfast while I showered and then I supervised the getting ready part-my boys are almost the same size and it is pretty confusing too since all of Graham's clothes were Anderson's last year so Anderson still thinks they are his.  So each Sunday, it takes quite a bit of work to determine what I pulled out for each boy-it would probably help if I didn't try to dress them similar (today it was blueish plaid).  They aren't dressed too much alike but it still makes me happy to see them nearly alike and I am enjoying it while I can since I know that they will catch on soon.
  • Campbell's friend sat with us because both of his folks were in the choir.  He sat more still than Campbell but really, that isn't saying much!  Kidding, he was fine and Campbell, just bless her. That child can not be still for anything nor can she leave her hands off of Whitman.  It is just like her brain will not let her do that-man, almost like she is 4 years old! 
  • We managed with our wild Sunday school group and doughnuts for everyone didn't help calm then down at all.  Down the hall, Graham said that his teachers told him he couldn't answer any questions because he knew all of the answers.  He added that they would only let him answer when no one else knew the answer to the questions-my little prodigy.
  • And soon it was time for lunch at Nonna's house.  The kids ate up-we made Campbell try the potatoes and when she took a bite, she realized that she had just made  big fuss over eating something that she does like. Anderson was delighted that he had one last birthday celebration today at Nonna's house.  He probably thinks that we have been celebrating his birthday for a month (we almost have been.)
  • While we were at Nonna's house, the kids had some time to play and I studied the newspaper ads.  And once we made it home, we put Whitman and Keaton down for a nap and then I skipped my blessed Sunday afternoon nap to go and do some Christmas shopping.  I went to Target, Micheals, Toys R Us and then back into Toys R Us, Walmart and then another Target. I was doing some speed shopping and only have to buy for 3 people and pick up a few little things for the kids.  I am feeling greatly relieved.
  • Reagan stepped up and helped Robby get everyone ready for church tonight.  We let Keaton go to big church tonight and she sat really still watching the kids perform and flipped through my Bible during the sermon.  I did think that she was going to melt down when she realized that I didn't bring her Bible to church tonight.  
  • After church, we had time to do all of our Christmas stuff, plus our normal Bible reading and then best of all, ice cream truck.  We are running low on our ice cream-as in, there were only 2 choices.  There were lots of questions about when we were going to the store to stock up but no one refused ice cream-we had plenty of Whitman's favorite left: ice cream sandwiches.  We also have some of Anderson's cheesecake left which is going to be my midnight snack (more like my 9:20 snack!)

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