December 3, 2014

Singing at Bible Study!
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  • I was up early again this morning but not nearly early enough for the treadmill.  I did have all of the potties cleaned before the kids started stirring.  This was Bible study morning and their Christmas performance so not only did everyone have to get ready-they also had to look cute (well, cuter than normal!)  My boys were not too pleased about wearing sweaters but oh they were adorable.  
  • We didn't have time to eat our waffles and pancakes so we opted for our quick meal of poptarts and will have those waffles tomorrow.  I had already gotten the toaster out so Reagan was pretty bummed that we didn't have time for those.  
  • We hauled in a huge cookie cake for Anderson and Reagan's class, 3 Bibles, 3 Bible study books and 3 tins of brownies for prisoners.  Notice something that I left out of the list-diaper bags.  Not too big of a deal since I did have a cup for Whitman in the car and grabbed a few emergency diapers from the car as well.  And Keaton doesn't really need her bag but is there just in case of a potty accident.  
  • Now lets discuss my brownies for my prisoners.  We were told to bring them in tins and I only had plastic tins.  I traded with Nonna for some metal tins and she sent me one tin that I am sure the prisoners will really enjoy!  It had little naked angels on it-I am sure they were Christmassy cherubs but to a prisoner I am not so sure.  If I get in trouble for sending porn to prisoners, you will know that it was my momma's fault.  
  • Now let's discuss Anderson's cookie cake.  Earlier this year, it was Reagan's snack day and she missed it because she had strep.  So Anderson was there and brought her snack for her-but this meant that he could pass it out.  When Reagan was disappointed about missing her turn and since she was still so sick, Anderson sweetly said that she could pass out the snack when it was his turn.  But when his turn rolled around, he wasn't really singing the same tune. He did convince Reagan to let him hold the pan as she passed out the snack.
  • So today in Bible study, we went to our little groups first and then to lecture.  Of course today, most of the mommas were sitting way up front so we would already have our spots for the kids program.  Reagan and Anderson were the first to sing and of course they were perfect and new all of the words.  Next up was Keaton's first time to sing in front of a crowd and she was absolutely adorable.  Reagan and Anderson were waving and waving at Keaton until she saw them and then she was so happy to see Campbell and then Graham up on the stage with her. They all did great and afterwards we tried to take a quick Christmas picture of the kids in their cute clothes-don't be surprised but that didn't work out too well!  No one is always looking at the camera at the same time!
  • We had lunch at Rock Creek with our buddies and then dropped off everyone at Grannymom's house but Graham and Whitman headed with me to the doctor's office.  Whitman and Graham were pretty funny at the doctor's office.  Reagan and Campbell have taught Whitman to pray-which involves him laying face down on the floor and jabbering.  So he did that the entire time we waited for Dr. Martin to walk in. 
  • And while Graham was sitting in the hospital gown, he asked "is this like one that you wore when you had a baby?"  I said that it was similar.  Then he looked at me and said "do they wash them?" and then added "Do you think a lady had a baby in this?"  
  • I picked up the kids from Grannymom's house and we were home for about 2 hours before turning around to go to church.  We did have some time to do our science and the kids watched a few movies before we had supper and read a few books.  
  • Church was fairly uneventful and once we were home, we did our Christmas countdown and then it was bedtime for the kids.  I hope that Keaton went to sleep easily because she was so tired that she fell asleep on the way home from church tonight.

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