December 4, 2014

Making Christmas treats!
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  • School today for Campbell and Keaton was so excited to get to go and drop Campbell off at school.  And I was pretty excited when Robby suggested that he take Whitman too.  I love my sweet Whitman but he can just create havoc during school.  It was kind of strange this morning being able to sit my water cup on a desk with no fear that it would spilled by our little octopus.  
  • Before Campbell left for school, we all had time to eat waffles for breakfast. Then the little 3 rushed off for school and the big 3 rushed down the hall for school.  School was really calm today-almost strangely calm.  Graham did liven things up a bit and got moved to Robby's office.  
  • It is funny because Reagan grabs all of her school work and heads to the heater each morning to work-I rarely see her until it is time to work together or she is handing me something that she has completed.  On the other hand, the boys want to work at their desks.  If I move them somewhere else, it is the worst punishment ever for them.  I am in Reagan's camp and would take my stuff away from everyone else and sit by that warm heater-she is always so disappointed when we put it up for the summer.
  • We finished school and soon were loading back up in the van (with 4 new tires - Merry Christmas to us!  Don't be jealous.)
  • We dropped Reagan off at Nonna's house so they could do a bit of shopping.  Reagan had said that she wanted boots for Christmas so that is what her and Nonna shopped for. My persuasive Reagan probably convinced Nonna to buy quite a bit of things for her.  They had a good time and even managed to get a pretzel from the mall and buy Reagan some earrings.  
  • Then we ran to the library for me to drop off a few books and pick up a few more.  We hardly ever go into the library anymore-I just request everything that I want to read for school or that I want the kids to read and then the poor librarians have to get them for us.  Works well for me but my name is probably mud at the library.
  • Next stop was picking Campbell up from school-all of the girls had to give her a hug before she left.  There was a bit of traffic on the way to meet Grannymom-we guess it was because of road construction but never really knew for sure.  My Graham had been anxious all day long to head to Grannymom's house to spend the night.  He packed his bag and asked me a zillion questions about it "do you think it would be okay if I took these pants?" "I have two pair of socks, should I get two?"  
  • Lunch at home was next but since all of my bread was frozen, it was a bit before our fish sticks were ready.  They were worth the wait though-at least I thought so and were pretty well devoured.  After lunch, we worked on the house some and then my little girls fought and fought.  I finally had to call one of them downstairs to help me in the kitchen but they both ended up coming.  
  • The girls helped me make snickerdoodle bars, pecan pie bars and sugar cookie dough.  After that, it was nap time for Keaton and Whitman.  Keaton was a bit too ready for her nap-that little booger quickly snuck out of her room and started playing in the toy room.  Since I was in the kitchen I heard her and directed her back to her bed where she did stay until she fell asleep.  
  • I worked on potato soup and I really, really wanted to roll out the sugar cookie dough by myself but Campbell and Anderson managed to convince me that I needed their help.  The cookies had finished baking when Nonna brought Reagan home.  Reagan had a great time and talked about what all they did and where they went all evening long.  She was most proud of her new earrings and I am sure that she switched them more than once tonight.  
  • We had supper and then it was shower and bath time for everyone.  Campbell took a bath in the bonus room and Whitman's shower with Reagan was all too short.  Before I knew it, he was upstairs trying to get into Anderson's and then Keaton's bath.  After everyone was clean, I worked on cleaning the kitchen for a bit before we sat down to watch a movie and then basketball.  Unfortunately, us watching basketball must have been bad luck and my Anderson went to bed pretty disappointed after halftime.  

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