December 26, 2014

Chillin' with the iPad
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  • You know it is a good day when you are still in bed until almost 10.  I don't think that anyone in the house was up until 8 and then the kids started slowly coming downstairs. Whitman talked in his bed for a while but by the time we got him out, he had gone back to sleep.  Then he played happily in the floor with Keaton and Campbell while we stayed in bed playing Trivia Crack on Robby's ipad.  
  • Reagan was playing with her legos and the boys were working on their presents as well.  We probably could have stayed in bed longer if it wasn't for Campbell's karaoke machine.  I have said Bro. Jon's name more in the last 2 days than I ever have: "Bro. Jon doesn't hold two microphones so you don't either" or "Bro. Jon doesn't scream in the microphone so you don't either."  That doesn't seem to help so the hollering of "9-1-1" and shouts of "Merry Christmas" over the microphone finally caused us to get out of bed (and no I have no idea why they like to scream 9-1-1 into the microphone.)
  • After breakfast, we loaded up and went shopping.  When we told Graham what we were doing, he said "shopping? But it is not Saturday."  Even though it wasn't Saturday we needed Christmas tree lights along with wrapping paper so out we went.  
  • As an added bonus, the kids (3) had gift cards and Anderson had a few returns to make so we let them do their shopping (as if they need anything else.)  The first stop was Anderson's Toys R Us returns-he had a few birthday and Christmas duplicates.  It took Anderson a bit of time but he finally picked out a tiny remote control truck and 2 sets of legos.  (Oh, he really loves legos.)
  • Then it was to Walmart to look for lights and wrapping paper-we found both there and then went to Target.  Reagan was the one with a gift card at Target.  Reagan found a digibird to sing along with the one that she received from Beebee.  She was pleased with her purchase and I enjoyed walking around the Christmas clearance aisles.  I remember one January at Target, they were still pulling out Christmas merchandise and everything was 90% off.  It was absolutely crazy but not so like that today.
  • Campbell and Anderson had gift cards at Michaels and Campbell had been pretty concerned about us not making it there.  Anderson had no trouble picking out his purchase-perler beads. He even convinced Robby to loan him a few bucks if he went over his gift card amount.  And Campbell found a coloring thing and then a Hello Kitty diary.  That stop was the least painful of them all-probably by this time, Whitman was so tired that he had stopped his squealing while we were there.  All he did at our other stops was squeal and make noises.  
  • We grabbed some pizza and then went home to have a very late lunch or a slightly early supper.  The kids ate and then we let them watch a few movies while Whitman finished his afternoon nap that he started in the car.  
  • After their movies, they started playing with their remote control toys-one of the Santa helicopters have already bit the dust.  He didn't pay that much for them but really, why do remote control toys have to break?  Probably because of the plethora of toys around here, my boys take things in stride and haven't seemed too concerned about one less helicopter.  One helicopter was working though and the kids decided to fly it in the mudroom with the lights off-I am not exactly sure why this caused so much screaming but they screamed and squealed and seemed to have fun so we just put in our ear plugs and left them alone.
  • We did give everyone a sandwich or tortilla tonight before our Bible story and bedtime.  Whitman came upstairs during our Bible story tonight and sat in the floor playing with his toys. Then Robby and he played in the living room for a bit before his bedtime.  

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