December 24, 2014 - Candlelight Service at GSFBC and Brock Christmas

Christmas Eve at the Brocks
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  • Reagan had the idea that Santa would not want cookies this year (that is probably what you had on your Santa plate) but she decided that he would enjoy pancakes. Robby and I thought that it would be fun new Christmas Eve tradition to make pancakes for breakfast.  Poor Robby worked and worked and was about to grab the pancakes from the freezer.  He finally was able to salvage a few for us to eat and enough to make a plate full for Santa.  At the end of breakfast, he declared that next year we would go down the road to the restaurant for our Christmas Eve breakfast.
  • Before the dishes were even cleaned, Robby loaded up Whitman and they went to run an errand and to wash the car.  They ended up at Grannymom's house and Whitman decided that he wanted to stay.  He spent the rest of the morning and afternoon playing happily without any interruptions with his toys.  Poor guy is pretty used to other people picking him up, telling him what to do and taking his toys from him so this was a huge Christmas treat for him-playing all by himself.
  • Back at home, we stayed busy-I was trying to finish those breakfast dishes (after cleaning up the pancake mess, I was convinced that the eating out idea was pretty good myself.)  I was also trying to change some sheets, unload the dishwasher, straighten the house and do some laundry.  But I spent my time, opening boxes and toys from last night and helping with all of that.  (I imagine that tomorrow will be spent doing more of the same-lots, lots more of the same.)
  • We had a few minutes of quiet this afternoon but then it was time to load up for church.  Whitman was already sound asleep in Grannymom's house-even before the sermon started!  Nonna and Pops were there too and the kids filled in the spots around the grandparents leaving Robby and I at the end of the row all alone (we probably should have just snuck out and ran a few errands!-kidding)  
  • Whitman did perfect during church except for his hacking cough-seriously, sounds like he is going to cough up a lung when he starts coughing.  But he was holding on tightly to hew new little toys and watched intently during the candle light part of the service. Keaton was pretty impressed with the candles this year and as always, I was pretty impressed that no Dennie's were burned!  I do think that my eye brows were almost scorched in the process of holding Keaton, holding my candle and making sure she didn't catch me, her hair or the church on fire.
  • The the kids could hardly contain themselves after church because they knew our Christmas celebration was continuing at Nonna's house.  First, Nonna had a delicious meal-turkey, dressing and the trimmings.  But that isn't really what the kids were looking forward to so much-it was the presents.  Though they were keeping a careful eye with Jason on his phone about where Santa was located.  He was in Africa during supper and Brazil while we opened presents.  At one point, I think that Graham was ready to leave just so we didn't miss Santa at home. 
  • We finally started opening presents and my little people were so excited.  Whitman saw his seat that we use in the kitchen at home and just sat down and let me buckle him in.  His first present was some Little People and he just played with them most of the time that the rest of us opened our presents.  I do have a perfect little baby-when he opened a package of diapers, he just hugged them!
  • Reagan had gone shopping with Nonna to pick out some of her Christmas presents and she was probably the most proud of her boots-that had a high heels (not really high but to a 9 year old, they were high).  She also loved her little bird toy from Beebee.  Anderson was just as excited-he liked to guess what was in his and everyone else's presents before he opened them.  That child is so quickly growing up that it makes me just a bit sad.  He was like a little man over there opening his presents.  
  • My Graham was so excited about watching everyone that he couldn't sit down for anything. He wanted to see everything and would get so excited about everything that he opened.  Campbell was also the cutest thing and loved opening up all of her Hello Kitty items-she and Keaton will be so busy with all of their art supplied that they have received.  It is a good thing that we will be out of school the next few days so we can do some major crafting!
  • And my Keaton-she is the most precious thing and would get so excited about each thing that she opened.  Though when Nonna had mistakenly put Keaton's name on a purse for Campbell, Keaton wasn't too thrilled about that.  Don't feel sorry for her, Keaton had already opened a purse for herself.  After a few minutes, Keaton did decide that it was okay for Campbell to have a purse too.  
  • It took longer to clean up from the presents than it did to open them all-everyone was pleased with their goodies.  But it was soon time for us to head home, after all Santa was on his way!
  • At home, we did our Bible reading, looked at an ornament, pulled Santa down and then the most exciting thing of all-throwing reindeer food out for Santa's reindeer.  Then Robby read Twas the Night Before Christmas right before the kids went to bed. 
  • I think that the kids were pretty tired but I am glad that it was an early bedtime, because Robby and I have miles to go-I have already unloaded and arranged the presents from tonight and he has already blown off the front porch.  Merry Christmas Eve!  

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