December 16, 2014

Campbell's annual visit to the Nutrition Center
(click here for today's pictures)

  • Tonight's post is written by Robby since Tara is out for the night at a chocolate making party or treat making party. (Except, she is only 'helping' and decided not to make her own treats so that leaves me with no treats when she comes home.)
  • Since Tara and Campbell had to be at the ACH Nutrition Center by 8:30 we had to get moving a little earlier this morning. That was the alarm went off off at 6:30 but I don't think anyone got out of bed until 7:15 so that meant some scurrying around and everyone needing to eat breakfast at Nonna's except for Campbell who ate in the car.
  • Tara dropped everyone off at Nonna's and made it to ACH in plenty of time.  It was time for Campbell's 5th year visit as part of the Nutrition Center study.  She wasn't looking forward to brain lab but handled it all like a trooper. She's probably a little more ancy the others because it is a lot of sitting still (which she is not used to).  She had completed a couple of tasks but before we knew it they were serving up lunch and it was only 10:30 but both of them managed to eat all their lunch.  They did have to do a small blood draw and this was definitely Campbell's least favorite.  After a few shed tears, she was back to her active self.  They had to walk over to the hospital for them to do an x-ray of her arm and by around 2:00 they were wrapping up things and had time to run by Sonic for a treat.  
  • They picked up the rests of the gang from Nonna's - look like they had a full day of playing inside and outside.  They tried to help Nonna pick up her house but Nonna is probably is still picking up.  
  • They made it home in time for afternoon movies and then we did our Bible verses, tree ornament picking and Santa pull early tonight since Tara was leaving for the night.  Supper was up next and Tara tried to sneak out since Whitman isn't too keen on her leaving the house when he is still here.
  • After supper, we had a quick 'jukebox' night where the kids picked a Christmas song to hear and dance around to.  Their selections tonight:  (1) Twelve Days of Christmas (Reagan), (2) Little Drummer Boy (Anderson, who said that was Brother Shay, our children's pastor favorite song), (3) Let It Go from the Frozen Movie (Campbell), (4) I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Keaton), rounded out by probably's everyone's favorite Christmas song -- (5) I Saw Santa in His Bathing Suit (Graham).
  • The kids finished their last movie, a bit of kindle time and then it was shower time for everyone.  Keaton went to bed about 7:45 and everyone else drifted upstairs for some time in the toy room.  
  • Everyone brushed their teeth and then it was bed time - no complaining about going to bed so that means they must have played really hard at Nonna's today.

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