December 7, 2014

Sounds of the Holiday Season!
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  • I had all 8 sets of church clothes laid on this morning (our kiddos plus Lilli and Cash's).  We had actually even set an alarm to make sure we woke up on time but we didn't need it because as soon as the clock struck 7, people were moving all over this house.  The girls started work on Campbell's new Hello Kitty lego thing and the boys did something that involved sleeping bags on the stairs (I just prayed for no broken bones or head injuries and continued getting ready.)
  • Robby served up breakfast while I got myself ready and then I made sure all of the kiddos were dressed, brushed, combed and buttoned before letting them play until time to go.  We were a bit late getting everyone dropped off and back into church today but the kids all set perfectly in church-even with the 3 boys sitting together, then Campbell sandwiched between Robby and me and then Reagan and Lilli together.
  • Then my 4 big ones caroled with their choirs in the sanctuary and were pretty adorable. Robby and were both very impressed with how still our Campbell stood singing the songs.  It was really neat them singing in the lobby-almost wish they would do it each week of Christmas (though I am sure their teachers would disagree.)
  • Then it was Sunday school for everyone-Reagan was thrilled that we didn't teach this week and even snuck off to our grown up Sunday school class.  When it was over, Robby went to go and pick everyone up from their classes-8 kiddos to pick up just takes a few minutes.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and celebrated Dana's birthday.  She asked for Mexican and strawberry cake for lunch so lunch was a big hit with everyone.  We were able to stay for a bit but then it was time to go home to regroup for choir tonight.
  • The kids played on their kindles and watched a few movies before it was time to change their clothes and load up again.  Keaton was thrilled to be going to cookie club tonight but when John Paul started messing with Whitman, Keaton became very upset-she was doing everything she could to make sure her brother was well taken care of.  Too bad, I didn't...when Whitman went to his class tonight, I didn't have my phone (it was in my bag) so I didn't see the text saying that Whitman was screaming.  
  • The kids sang in church tonight as well and they all did very well again.  Campbell did much better on the stage than she did in big church tonight-she even lost her Sunday night ice cream and wasn't able to earn it back.  She did get a piece of bread instead!  Poor thing is just so tired from two late nights and a big birthday party that she just can't think or act right. Hopefully a good nights rest is just what she needs!

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