December 8, 2014

Watching the parade in Bryant!
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  • Keaton started coughing around 4 and coughed and coughed until sweet Graham got up to get her some water (Reagan had the night before).  That helped some but she coughed until I finally brought her to our room where she coughed and coughed.  Finally, she settled down and went on to sleep.  (They all have a bit of a cold and her cough is just how her cold is presenting itself.)
  • It didn't seem like we had been asleep that long when Robby's alarm started ringing (I had already turned mine off in the middle of the night.)  Keaton wasn't asleep for long because the first words out of her mouth were a shout of "I find the wise men."  We had hidden them on our pictures in our bedroom so they were the first things she saw when she opened her eyes this morning.
  • Campbell was the first and only one downstairs.  She stayed in bed with us until it was time to rush and get her and Robby out the door.  Keaton helped me usher her off and then we woke Whitman up.  Campbell had opened his door a bit so I spied on him before going in and he was sitting in his bed just talking away to his stuffed animals.  It was well after 8 by now and school days go best when we start at 8 or at least close to it.  
  • I used Whitman to wake the others up-he wasn't too nuts about me putting him on bed with Graham on the top bunk.  My sleepy head Reagan was surprisingly the first one down the stairs and when all 3 of them came downstairs, they all picked reading to do first and sat in the warm living room, eating their breakfast and reading.  
  • School went fairly well-at Christmas time, I always see so many other things that I need to be doing other than school but all will eventually be accomplished...maybe!  Graham did hurt his toe while Anderson and he were fooling around.  I made it perfectly clear that disobedience always brings consequences-that lesson must have stuck in since he told Robby what had happened.  
  • We had most everything accomplished by lunch despite our late start.  All 3 of them did have a few things to finish up.  I had thought that they could finish after lunch but time just flew and we really had to run out of the house to make it to Keaton and Reagan's doctors appointments.
  • Campbell was already at Grannymom's house so we ran in to drop off everyone else and then to the doctor's office.  On the way, I was quizzing the girls about what the doctor would ask. First I had to explain what vegetables were to Keaton and then I asked Reagan in my mock doctor voice "what is your favorite vegetable?" Reagan answered back in a mocking voice herself "I don't know, my mom only can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."  This is why I dropped her off at the doctor's office and didn't pick her back up!
  • Actually, both girls did fine at their appointments.  Thankfully, Keaton didn't need shots and that was probably a good thing since she had been shouting "I don't like shots" while we were waiting in the exam room.  I was quite afraid that Ms. Sassy was going to say it to Dr. Martin.
  • After their appointment, we went back to Grannymom's house and the kids had a snack and then had a few minutes to play outside.  Then it was off to the dollar store to buy a few gifts for our homeschool buddies.  We had all drawn names so it should have been an easy task but it was not.  It might have been a bit easier if Whitman would have stayed in the shopping cart but that he did not want to do.  
  • Once at home, we had a few minutes there-just long enough to straighten a bit and finish school before Robby came home.  He suggested us go to the Christmas parade in Bryant.  I started instructing kids to find their coats, hats, gloves, shoes and go potty.  And then we were off.
  • We arrived a few minutes before the parade started and when the floats started coming, the kids were delighted that everyone seemed to be throwing candy their way.  They didn't have anything to put the candy in until they realized their hats were pretty good bags so we left with hats full of candy.  Whitman wasn't too pleased when the first siren went by but then he eventually started waving at the people passing him.  
  • The parade was lots of fun and we picked up a pizza on the way home.  The kids must have been hungry because we were 3 pieces shy of eating 2 whole pizzas.  We had time for our santa pulling and Bible verses before bed.  I tried to let Keaton sleep upstairs but she soon started coughing so I whisked her away down downstairs to our room.  Hopefully she will sleep very well tonight.

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