December 1, 2014

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Let the countdown begin...

  • Busy day today so I was up before the rest of the folk around here.  It was still dark, it was cold and thought I had turned off my alarm but my alarm that sounds like a model T honking its horn continued to go off and wake Robby up after I had left the bedroom.
  • This year, we have added more work for us to do.  Instead of a traveling elf, we have traveling wise men. They will be around the house this December searching for Jesus.  Even though we know the wise men didn't make it to the stable, these wise men will arrive our nativity scene in Christmas morning.  Today they were searching on the kitchen light for the Christ Child.
  • Robby took Campbell to school today and this was a big day for her because it was birthday bash.  She was instructed to bring 4 cupcakes to school and thanks to Anderson's party two weeks ago we were able to save 4 cupcakes.  (Those cupcakes have been surrounded by marshmallows in the freezer awaiting their big day in Campbell's class.)  I even found 4 Hello Kitty rings from cupcakes we had another time and stuck those babies on the cupcakes-she was so proud of her cupcakes.  
  • The rest of us started on our schooling and I could tell that we had taken almost a week off because my Graham was unable to sit still or be quiet.  He finally pulled it together and finished his math.  After that, he worked well and was the first one done-like he almost had to settle down a bit before he could think.  
  • Just about as soon as we were finished with school, we loaded up and picked up Campbell from school.  She was pleased about her cupcakes and everyone else were pleased to be heading to Nonna's house.  Robby met us there and had lunch for everyone because of a mystery shop.
  • Then, Robby and I left to go and eat (mystery shop) and then I thought I would quickly go and renew my driver's license.  Ha!  Nothing fast about that place.  The lady was working hard but with 8 people in front of me and then 13 behind me, it just takes a while.  It had already taken a bit longer than planned for me to get there because I went to the old location and had to find the new spot.  
  • At Nonna's house the kids played outside in the freezing cold and came into hot chocolate and apple cider.  Then they watched a bit of tv and played and played.  My Whitman is the best player that we have.  He enjoys just sitting and playing with toys-Pops said that whenever he would check on him, Whitman would turn and look at him and just start jabbering.
  • This afternoon, Graham asked Nonna if she had ever lived in the country.  He then added "you cook with flour, sugar and beans like people that live in the country."  I guess we have been listening to too many Little House on the Prairie books.  
  • After I picked up the kids, we all headed home.  I cooked the last of our pumpkins, the kids played their kindles until we called them for supper.  We just made red beans and rice from the box and Robby arrived with sausage to add to it.  Unfortunately, we are now a 2 box family and finished off super with not a bit left over!
  • Robby did a bit of work tonight while I made some brownies for Bible study.  I did have a minute to hang a few ornaments on the tree and asked Robby if he could see a spot that I needed another ornament and he replied that he couldn't even see the tree.  I love our "weird" tree.
  • Before bed, we read a few Bible verses (John 1:1-5).  It mentioned that Jesus was the light so we all went to our closet to see what darkness was really like (Whitman wasn't too pleased) then Robby lit a candle and talked about how Jesus was the light of the world.  
  • Then Graham picked an ornament on the tree for us to talk about.  He recalled more about the ornament and that stop (Mill City Museum in Minneapolis) than Robby and I did.  That child-let's just discuss him for a minute.  His mind is like a steel trap.  In Sunday school, they call Graham "Bible Trivia King."  His memory is a bit frightening to me. 
  • Then Keaton pulled our Santa piece getting Santa closer to falling through the fireplace on Christmas day.  She was pretty pleased with herself.  After all of this, it was bedtime for the crew.

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