December 5, 2014 - Thursday Night Crew Christmas

Thursday Night Crew Christmas Party
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  • Friday morning and we slept a bit later than I would have liked but we were still up and moving since today was Rice Depot day.  We hurried around and after eating breakfast, some of the kids even had time to help me a bit around the house.  
  • We first picked up my Graham from Grannymom's house and dropped off Whitman and Keaton.  The weather was a bit nasty on the way and was sprinkling as we climbed out of the car.  Amber helped my crew out of the van but by the time I could get myself and my bag out of the car, the bottom fell out of the sky and it was pouring.  I had to jump back in the car and climb around looking for my umbrella.  The kids thought this sudden rainstorm was hysterical and was probably the highlight of their morning.
  • With my 4 kids and our 6 buddies, we worked hard today at the Rice Depot.  The kids put stickers on over 2000 bags that will be filled with rice.  They also filled up at least 300 bags with rice-each tiny bag having a cup of rice in it.  The kids didn't complain and stayed pretty much on task the entire time.  I was pretty proud of those kiddos for all of their hard work.
  • After we finished our rice and bags, we loaded up and went to Rock Creek for a bit.  It was oddly quiet at Rock Creek and after eating lunch, the kids had plenty of time to play.  I called them over to leave and they put on their shoes and then I started talking and they got frustrated with me!  The other day when we were there, two kids didn't want to leave when it was time to go and they through a grand fit.  I made sure that my Keaton and Campbell saw this and understood that they were not to act like that-I guess my Campbell got the message because she was the first to be ready to leave today (maybe she was just tired!)
  • Next stop was back to Grannymom's house to get our little ones.  I was just going to run in but the kids were not pleased with this idea, so I let them all come in for a bit.  After that, we went across town to see Beebee.
  • Actually, Beebee had called me on my way to her place.  She asked to talk to "Jim Bob."  I said "who?" and she said "Jim Bob."  I said "this is Tara" and she said "I know, let me talk to Campbell."  She had been saying "Campbell" the entire time and I just couldn't hear her-of course, my first thoughts were that she had just lost her mind but I guess I am the one who has lost something-my hearing!
  • We visited with Beebee for awhile.  Her candy pickings are getting a bit slim so Whitman wasn't too pleased! But everyone was in a good mood and were happy to tell her all about our morning so far.  We pushed her off to Bingo and then we came home to start to work.
  • The McGuires and Penningtons were coming over tonight so the kids helped me straighten and then they all sat in the floor playing on their kindles and listening to their headphones.  I did stop them for a bit so we could do science since we are dreadfully behind in that area of school.
  • It was our annual Thursday Night Christmas party with the McGuires and Pennington.  Robby had found pictures from most of our get togethers-from those in 2000 when we were the only ones married up until now when we have had 10 Christmases with kids there are 12 kids here. In one of those years, we went from 2 kids to 5 kids.  
  • We had plenty of food-cheese dip, meatballs, a chocolate cookie bar, chocolate chip dip, a cheese ball type dip, hummus, potato soup, pumpkin bread, pecan pie bars, pigs in a blanket and snickerdoodle bars.  The adults ate first-we were hoping that the kids wouldn't notice us but they did a bit but we just shooed them away.  We enjoyed our time visiting and finally finished our supper so the kids could eat.  They ate and then had plenty of time to play.
  • We took our kid group picture and then let the kids decorate sugar cookies.  Let me tell you, those kids really enjoyed that.  Laynie and Keaton enjoyed it the most because they sat at the table long after everyone else left and continued to squirt icing on their cookies.  Then they started smearing the icing on the table but they were happy and quiet so we were happy as well!
  • We were surprised to learn that it was 10 and after a bit everyone headed out.  When they left, I had the kids start picking up while I worked on getting Whitman into bed.  My Whitman is the best baby ever-staying up until 11 and not being fussy at all!  By 11 the house was clean, floors mopped, kids in bed and Bible story read!  It was a good, good day!

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