December 21, 2014-Happy Birthday Campbell!

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Happy 5th Birthday Campbell!

  • This was Campbell's real birthday and since it was Sunday too, we opted for cinnamon rolls instead of a very early trip to the doughnut place.  My Campbell was thrilled with her cinnamon rolls and wanted to sit at the table near her birthday sign and at the chair that had a balloon on it.  (Yep, a balloon-the same balloon from her birthday party about 3 weeks ago-we hid that thing really well and can't believe that it lasted that long.)
  • Church was great as always-I am just so impressed with how well my people sit still and listen during church.  And by "my people" I mean Reagan, Anderson and Graham. They do great sitting still but oh, my birthday girl she sure can't sit still at all.  Today, she did crack me up because she kept wanting me to find the songs that we were singing in the hymnal-I am not sure too many of them were in the hymnal!
  • I was in the nursery during the Sunday school hour for us and we kept looking at the clock and looking at the clock and it ticked slowly by.  At 11:30, I mentioned that time was just dragging and then a few minutes later when the clock just said 11:40, Robby showed up putting things in my bag.  I was surprised that he was already getting the kids and he looked at our clock and told us that the cock was wrong!  What a relief!
  • It took us forever to get out the church house-we had a few teacher gifts, leftover cupcakes, all of our Bibles, all of the kids Sunday school papers and crafts and gifts.  One teacher even had to give Robby a Walmart bag to haul some of his stuff.
  • We then hurried on to Grannymom's house for lunch.  Campbell blew out her lunch birthday candles and relished everyone singing to her-everyone but Whitman, he was still buckled in his seat in the kitchen when we all went to the dining room to sing to Campbell-he didn't mind and was singing along happily even though he was all alone!
  • Robby and I ran to Walmart and Sam's to pick up a few things for tonight and then it was home for naps and some speed cooking.  We did have a few minutes to relax and that was nice but then it was time to get ready and leave again.  
  • We had a Christmas party with our neighbors (kind of) the Wilsons and the Atwoods and our non-neighbors Phillips.  Everyone brought some food-my birthday girl and I had made a Santa cookie so of course we again had birthday candles.  The kids ate and played and the adults ate and played too.  My little girls and Whitman hung pretty close to me, the boys played with Brett and the xbox while Reagan played the games with the grown ups.  It was a good evening and since they live close by, we were home and the kids in bed by 10:30.  

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