December 28, 2014

A cooperative patient?
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  • Church morning and even though the alarm clock went off, the snooze button was a bit too close.  We had time to feed and dress everyone so I guess I can't really complain but we left the house a mess!  Dishes everywhere, clothes everywhere, a crazy mess-it doesn't help that I am now a bit done with the Christmas toys that have taken over. Even though I have the kids put up at least something every day and the piles are getting smaller, it is still a lot.  I guess that I should have them put up more than a yoyo, a thing of playdoh and some stickers each day.
  • Since there was only one service today at church, the sanctuary was full and that was nice. You forget how nice it is to be in a packed sanctuary-almost more exciting.  (Which I know is wrong because the amount of people should not be dependent on my amount of worshiping.) Sometimes I would love to have a video of us sitting in big church-Campbell rolled up her bulletin to use as a telescope so she could better see during the sermon and Graham had the hiccups the entire length of the sermon.  
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house today and it was nice having a bit of extra time.  The boys spent their time watching a Big Foot show on tv, Robby spent his time snoozing on the couch, Campbell spent her time tormenting Whitman, Reagan and Keaton did some coloring while I talked.  As soon as we made it home, the little people took their naps, the medium sized people watched tv and the big people also had a nap.  I tried my hardest to get Campbell to go to sleep beside me like she does every Sunday.  But today she would lay down and then get back up again.  
  • Since there was no church tonight, we had a restful evening.  Robby got the boys a new game on their kindles.  It was a football game and when they picked out players, Anderson said that he wanted to be a dark skinned player.  Robby asked why thinking that maybe he would want to pick someone to look more like himself.  Anderson replied back that dark skinned people ran faster.  Maybe he is right.
  • We pulled out pizza for supper but Whitman wasn't too happy with his plate so he screamed until we put him in bed.  When the others left, we got him back out of bed and he sat happily eating his food.  I guess it was too noisy for him-though he still isn't back to his normal self.  I wish that he had his appetite back but at least he is drinking milk and lots and lots of it.  Or maybe he has just become extremely picky!
  • Before we watched a tv show, the kids played with their remote control stuff-poor Santa helicopters are broken beyond repair (Robby has spent more time repairing remote control things the past few days-he is thinking of getting an online degree in remote control repairing.) The boys don't seem to care too much so maybe they will forget their Santa gift this year was a bust-or maybe they will try harder to be better next year so they will get what they want (Anderson said this the other day).  (Don't worry, they are not scarred, they are blessed beyond belief with stuff.)
  • We watched a few episodes of Duck Dynasty before going to bed.  I think my Campbell was tired tonight after missing her Sunday nap with me...and she played hard tonight too.  She put Whitman in a chair and played doctor with that child.  She poked on him, gave him shots, looked in his ears and that baby just sat there perfectly.

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