December 27, 2014

Playing with hover craft!
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  • Another lazy morning around here. Graham and Campbell were up first but they hung out in the living room for a while.  When Robby woke up, I did make him a little drink that I read about last night-a drink to help his cold.  My little helper, Campbell and Keaton, helped me.  Sweet Keaton said that we should pray for Daddy to get better and we did since that was probably a better idea than serving him up the drink that I found last night on pinterest (vinegar, lemon juice, honey, cinnamon, hot water).  I did keep calling in "poison" which upset some but delighted others.
  • My Whitman slept well but continues with his cough and runny nose.  When that child starts coughing, he coughs and coughs and coughs.  He doesn't cough that often but man, when he does.  Tonight we forgot to dope him up before he went to bed so we had to pull him out of bed.  He did not love this at all.  Robby suctioned his little nose, he breathed Anderson's breather and I rubbed vick's vapor rub all over his chest.  Thankfully, he went back to bed fine but talked and talked before finally falling asleep.
  • But back to this morning-more of the same around here: present playing, present opening and some present putting awaying.  When I was little and pretty much every year, I have displayed my presents out until after my birthday.  One of the kids in our Sunday school class made a hot chocolate kit and we used it the other night-after using that one gift, I didn't feel like I could display my presents any longer since one had already been used (taken apart in this case) so I worked on putting some of my stuff away-kind of makes me sad!
  • Around 11, we headed to Sams-picking up medicine for everyone.  Since our deductible has been met, we wanted to make sure that we get every last drop of medicine this month that we can.  At Sams we walked around trying to find samples.  They do have a sample machine at Sams where you put your Sams card in and it spits out a sample.  Campbell did this and all of the kids waited and waited and waited on the sample to drop out of the machine.  Finally, the sample fell and it was ONE peppermint.  Robby and I just laughed and laughed but the kids didn't find this too funny at all.  I am sure that their mouths had been watering as they watched the little video as their sample was about to be dispensed and then there it was-one peppermint to split between 6 kiddos.  No one got to eat the peppermint-Robby just had to put it in his pocket. 
  • Next stop was Grannymom's house.  Campbell was to spend the night over there.  She packed her bags early, early this morning.  I do believe that she had most things she needed-I checked underwear, toothbrush and church clothes.  Oddly enough, she did bring about 20 blocks with her.  Sometimes I just wonder what they are thinking!
  • We picked up lunch (Subway) and ate over there and before the kids could finish eating, Robby and I ran out to go to the grocery store.  We shopped and shopped and spent an ungodly amount of money and didn't really buy anything but we had lots of fun being in a store without any kids.  Our little checker did get Robby stirred up-as she scanned our coupons, if they didn't scan she would just put them in the pile and keep on going as if they had scanned-how deceptive!  Robby didn't let that go and did speak with customer service.  We had worked hard to get and use all of those coupons and were watching intently on the screen and since we didn't have kids with us, we were thinking clearly and caught everything happening!  Too bad we weren't mystery shopping that store today.  
  • After our shopping experience, we ran back to Grannymom's house to pick up the kids.  We couldn't stay long because Robby had 5 different types of cookies and creme ice cream in the van (more on that New Year's Eve).  
  • Back at home, Robby and I started to put away the groceries but then just decided that we would empty out the entire Robby's office closet/my overflow pantry.  Grandpa is going to shore up the shelves early next week so instead of putting groceries in there to just move later, we just moved everything to the living room.  So now in this room, we have all of the Christmas presents and at least 60 days worth of food.  If we just had a bathroom in here or a fridge we would never have to leave the couch!
  • Eventually, we had our chili leftovers for supper.  The kids were talking about the sled that they had seen at Sams today.  I probably wasn't thinking clearly but I told them that if they all read a book by Wednesday, then I would buy 1 when I went back to Sams to pick up more medicine. That lit a fire under them and Reagan finished a book tonight, Graham is close but Anderson may be the hold up but he did do pretty well.  Now, the hard part-I told them that I wouldn't say anything else to them to remind them about it.  I guess that I can strategically place their books so they will not be able to forget about their reading.  Of course, I know buying a sled means that it will never ever snow here again!
  • Since tomorrow is Sunday, it was time for our weekly showers.  Sometime after the showers, we did have a case of the missing underwear.  Graham didn't make it to the bathroom in time-that part was no big deal to us but when Robby put his pjs in the wash, he couldn't find his undies.  I know he had some on because I questioned him if he put his old ones back on.  But they were no where to be found-no where, seriously, not anywhere!  Finally, we just assumed that he didn't have any on-at least I hope I don't stumble across old undies someday!
  • Around 8, we finally put the crew to bed-they begged for Robby to read the Bible story.  We usually don't read it if someone isn't there but since the kids asked, Robby obliged and said that we would catch Campbell on what happened in our story tonight.

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