December 23, 2014-Dennie Family Circle

Celebrating Christmas Dennie-style!
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  • The kindles are usually locked up in Robby's closet each morning but this morning, I had left my kindle on the table because I had downloaded a book for Graham to read.  Being able to read on a kindle this morning was just about as exciting as Christmas morning.  Reading on the kindles was one of the main reasons we bought them but it is impossible (as far as I know) to download books from the library and keep the kindle in safe kid mode so they don't ever get to read for fun on them.
  • While eating breakfast this morning, I read some of our Christmas books that we got out when we put the tree up-I am not usually a procrastinator but I sure have waited until the last minute to read those books this year.  I will do better next year.
  • Then we did a little bit of science, read some and then it was free time for everyone.  I worked with my little girls on making another Santa cookie.  And after doing a bit of this and a bit of that, it was soon time to fix lunch and do some more reading of those Christmas books.  
  • After lunch, I made Reagan and Anderson read some more so they could finish their book and I told Graham that he could read another book or help me straighten.  I was sure that he would pick read but that child must know that Santa is coming because he probably picked up more things than I did while the others were reading.  
  • Next up was showers and then naps for my little people.  Whitman has a pretty good cough along with Keaton who slept on our room for the second night last night.  Campbell also had a cough that makes her sound like 2 pack a day smoker.  No one feels bad so hopefully everyone will continue to improve and not get worse.  
  • Robby came home eventually and pretty soon after, it was time to load up for Grannymom's house.  Last night Reagan asked exactly what time we were leaving for Dennie family circle and she had set her alarm on her watch. 
  • Les and family were already there and we had time to let the kids play the game that we played a few nights before.  The kids did really well and we will probably have to play some time here-you could just see their wheels spinning as they were trying to think of what to say or do when it was their turn to give the clues.  
  • Dana and her crew arrived soon after and before we knew it, we were opening presents. Whitman was the first to open a present and he liked opening presents.  Unfortunately, he only had to wait for 13 more presents to be opened before he could open another one!  The kids opened from youngest to oldest and then 2 adults were able to open their present after the kids had one turn.  Since I am the youngest adult, I opened mine first-a magazine subscription and a dutch oven filled with supplies to make chili. 
  • The kids racked up so here are the highlights: Reagan-art stuff, bow and arrow and curling iron.  Anderson-remote control battling cars, legos, tervis cup, spy goggles.  Graham-legos, spy goggles, tervis cup, art supplies.  Campbell-art supplies, legos, bow and arrow.  Keaton-art supplies, popsicle letters.  Whitman-diapers, Daniel Tiger little people and beads to string.  
  • I think that the kids enjoyed the presents but they really seemed to just enjoy being with all of their cousins.  After we finished all of the presents, it was time to start the eating.  Grannymom had chili and lots of desserts for us to eat.  While we ate, the kids played together and opened up their presents.
  • We stayed until well past bedtime and the kids put on their Christmassy pajamas and looked as cute as can be.  When we made it home, we did our Bible reading, santa pulling and ornament looking before bed.  We told the kids that they could wake up at 7 in the morning, but they couldn't start opening up their presents until after breakfast-main reason, we didn't want 5 people in our room asking us to cut things out of boxes at the crack of dawn!  No one really seemed to mind-maybe just because they were too tired to complain.
  • As we just looked at the group family picture, there are 20 people and only one child is acting a-fool in the pictures.  16 pictures and 15 crazy faces made by one child.  You will know the one child tomorrow because they will be walking with their hand on their sore bottom!

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