March 10, 2016

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  • The kids were up early today because they were excited about starting this day.  The girls had already straightened their room and the boys were working a game of basketball.  We quickly made sure that Keaton had on her clothes (I have really just given up having any type of say in what she wears.  She will at least listen to Reagan who can convince her to change one or two of her assorted items that she always lays out for school.)
  • Before Robby left for school, the kitchen potty backed up and when I was plunging it, I heard water slushing around and it was in the bathtub.  Yuck!  Robby temporarily solved that problem but we went ahead a closed those potties to our guests and just prayed for the problem to go away.  Hopefully dryer weather for that old septic tank will help or the gallons of chemicals that Robby poured in tonight will also help.
  • Robby took Keaton to school and instead of him working from home like usual today, he went in to work.  The rest of us finished picking up the house and then worked on a bit of science before the others started to arrive.
  • Right before the others arrived, I opened a closet and found some lizard crawling around.  I am not really sure that it was a lizard-the kids said that it was a poisonous blue tailed skink.  This is one I wrote Robby and told him that he could pick me up at my Mommy's house.  Oh, I did what any good girl would do when seeing that animal in their house-closed the door!  The kids tried to find it and I did spray bug spray in its general direction.  Later in the day, the kids were able to catch it and set it free outside.
  • Today was a busy day with our homeschool buddies-mainly because we knew that the rain would force the kids to stay inside so we needed to have lots of activities to do.  Our first event was for everyone to tell what they want to be when they grow.  Reagan would like to be a chocolate taste tester and passed out pieces of chocolate for the kids to taste.  Anderson wants to be a lego designer so he showed a model he made from legos.  Graham would like to be an architect and had Nonna's house plans as his prop.  Campbell, who showed some of her paintings, said that she would like to be an artist.  And Keaton, who spoke when she arrived home from school, told how she wants to be a teacher.  
  • Next Sara read the Seuss book, "Oh, the Places You'll Go" and then Candice led us in a craft about the shamrock.  Next up was stuffing a few Easter eggs.  We stuffed 3 big boxes full of eggs-our best guess is around 1000.  These eggs will go to the Shack for them to use in an Easter egg hunt.
  • The kids then had lunch and some of them ended up making a rainbow with construction paper.  And oh, yes, at some point the kids did a St, Patrick's Day scavenger hunt around the house.  The kids played today and the house wasn't trashed-when I asked Graham how his room was he said that it was better than expected.  
  • The girls closet door did end up with a huge hole in it from being pushed into their bedroom doorknob.  I believe that I can possibly switch that door out with another one in the house to at least put the hole on the inside of a closet but until then, Reagan has made a sign to cover it.
  • After our buddies left, we picked up and then I did the treadmill until supper time.  Robby was at a meeting so I let the kids watch their movies after supper and then at nearly bedtime, we headed to the Wilsons' house to celebrate Brett's birthday.  Robby met us over there and Shannon had the fancy ice cream along with cake and brownies. 
  • The kids played until way too late and once we came home, it was bedtime for everyone...and I guess we should at least skip our ice cream tonight since we have already had some.

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