March 24, 2016

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  • This morning the kids all seemed to be up early and were loud, loud, loud.  I was already stirring when I heard the little girls starting to fight so I hurried to get myself to them to stop their fussing before it all just spiraled out of control.  Thankfully, I made it in time and everyone was able to eat breakfast peacefully.
  • That lasted for a while...well, until I passed out chore assignments and then that peace went quickly away.  Everyone worked well but the laundry always trips them all up.  I helped for a bit and then gave up myself and went to the school room to work on pulling out school for next month.
  • I did spent a good bit of my morning preparing lunch for the kiddos today.  I was a cool pinterest mom and put their entire lunch into Easter eggs-the eggs were filled with peanut butter crackers, grapes, nuts, chips, goldfish and pieces of cheese sticks.  I was pretty pleased with my cute little lunch and Reagan even commented tonight that lunch was fun (success!)
  • I wasn't around to see them eat their lunch because I was down the road at Shannon's house doing some freezer cooking.  We made pumpkin muffins, chicken enchiladas, 2 other meals (golly, I can not seem to remember what they were), chicken spaghetti, pizza pasta and breakfast burritos.  We had lots of fun cooking and cooking some more.  
  • And Robby had lots of fun manning the kids-just ours and Brett.  They all played outside and even inside.  Around happy hour, Robby did take everyone to Sonic for over an hour.  They played for a good while and then drank their slushies on the way home.  
  • They were still drinking slushies when I ran home with all of my new meals to put in the freezer.  Tony was starting on burgers and we headed back over there-after I had a shower...Robby said that I smelled like onions!
  • We ate at the Wilsons and then just sat around visiting (about eating healthy-while we ate brownies) until time to bring my kiddos home and put them in bed.  Tomorrow is the last day of spring break-who knows what we will end up doing here at the Dennie house.

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