March 13, 2016

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  • At 7 this morning, Graham was downstairs standing beside us.  Now how in the world could that boy be up on time change Sunday on time when we lost an hour?  Does he sleep?  Robby said he worries about that kid since his mind must never shut off.  Though I guess that I am glad that he was awake since I had set my alarm to ring at 7 but for weekdays only.  We were still a bit slow getting out of bed this morning-slow enough that the kids had to eat breakfast in the car but they certainly don't mind that at all.
  • Not only did we have time change but we also had to be there a bit early for Reagan to practice leading the songs during Sunday school.  We did make it and thankfully, my girls happily put on their clothes without having to make any changes.  
  • The lady who sits behind us in church gave the kids candy as a little treat-a whole candy bar so just the thought of this made Campbell giddy enough that she could barely sit still.  She survived though and we all made it to Sunday school.  When I did go to drop Whitman off in his class, he looked at me and said "I'm not going in there."  We tried to walk Keaton to her class first and he saw how happily she went in but nope, that didn't help at all.  Even though he continued to tell me over and over that he wasn't going in there, he indeed did go into his class-it took 2 of us to get him in the door but there he stayed!
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house and she had ham and cheese croissants and then the kids did a bit of egg hunting (inside).  She had candy in her eggs and my people were crazy delighted with their little goodies.  
  • After lunch we headed home for our usual Sunday afternoon nap.  Robby and my naps have become more of a comedy routine-every 5 minutes someone is coming in to our room to ask us something or to tattle on someone or we are having to get up to do something.  Of course during all of this, we try to act asleep so the kids will leave us alone or so the other one will have to get up and take care of things.
  • Due to the possibly stormy weather they did have to cancel church tonight so that was a bit different.  We turned on the weather and settled in for a stormy evening-which didn't really pan out too much.  The kids did a school box for tomorrow and then we played a few more games with everyone-Race to the Treasure, Candyland Castle, Sequence and Sorry.  We played games all the way until bedtime.  Now the kids are in bed and another storm is rolling through.

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