March 11, 2016

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  • We had stayed up late this morning so the kids slept a bit longer than usual this morning.  I was able to fix muffins and have them ready for breakfast.  The kids gobbled them up and then tried to convince me that I needed to start making more muffins than just 2 apiece.  They are probably right but today, it was just a few hours before lunch by the time we did have our breakfast so I was sure that they wouldn't starve.
  • Robby off was off today but we still did our school work this morning.  Since we did have a later start than usual, school did take most of the morning long.  Graham has started multiplying by nines and the boys just doesn't yet get how to do that at all and Reagan is now quickly working through her fraction book and I am can say that without a doubt, I am lost! 
  • Robby took over at lunch time and I headed to the treadmill.  Then we cleaned up and went to see Beebee.  We missed our Wednesday visit because of the rain but made it up today. The kids all told Beebee about their reports from yesterday and Whitman did a few dances for her.  
  • After leaving there, we went to my favorite place-Kroger!  This wasn't the kids favorite place until Robby promised them a trip to Happy Hour at Sonic.  This was fine with me until we had to start hurrying though our Kroger shopping experience so we could make it to Sonic on time.  And yes, Robby did do lots of shopping on Monday but we still had another cart full of items to pick up today.
  • Once at home, the kids had a few minutes of down time until Anderson, Graham and I left for Brett's birthday party.  He had a basketball party and my little Dennie boys sure enjoyed playing basketball.  They were the youngest ones there but ran up and down the court as fast as they could.  They were happy, sweaty, tired boys when I got them home tonight.
  • At home, Robby, Whitman and the girls made pizza here and then settled into watch the movie Brave.  They had just finished the movie when we arrived home and the kids all sound asleep in no time at all.

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