March 6, 2016

Kids lead in worship!
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  • Sunday morning and Whitman was awake before everyone else.  After laying in bed with us for a few minutes, he looked at me and said, "I go get your kids."  I did not want him to go and get "my kids" just yet since it was still a bit too early.  
  • Soon though Campbell was downstairs and that little momma helped Whitman get his breakfast and milk.  She also prepared her breakfast and helped the boys get their milk.  Now Robby and I would have certainly passed out their breakfast just like we usually do every single day but I am not sure what caused them to take such initiative today but we went with it and watched them eat from our bed!
  • Now all of this laziness did cause a bit of panic for me when after cleaning up the kitchen, checking that all teeth were brushed, combing the girls' hair and ensuring that all of the kids were dressed semi-appropriately for church; I heard Robby say "we leave in 10 minutes" and I had yet to have my shower.
  • I know that Robby is pretty thankful that I was able to get myself ready in time to catch the church bus.  The kids were loading up when I turned off the hair dryer and we were then on our way to church.  
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham sang in church this morning and the boys both had a speaking part.  We all know them as well as the boys since the kids and I have helped them practice over and over and over again.  Graham said, "I will wake up the world with my praise."  Anderson's part was, "I will sing of your greatness no matter where I am" and "We praise you, Jesus."  They all did wonderful.
  • On the way to church, I asked the kids who would be singing the solos today.  They were quick to tell me that "two teenagers" were going to sing the solos.  They were right on one account-one was a teenage girl but the other one was not a teenager at all-it was our grown up, married, associate music minister (I will give it to them that he does indeed look like a teenager.)
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and the kids enjoyed watching Cash fly his new drone.  Robby ran Whitman to get his hair cut since it was desperately needed and he came back as cute as could be.  Robby said that he was a bit squirmy when they pulled out the clippers but he better bet used to that since summer is coming.  
  • Once at home, the kids all needed showers from their short time playing outside so we did that and then they had a restful afternoon.  We told them that we were going to have a package of crackers on the way to church and this was met with much grumbling.  I happily suggested that they could make their own supper to eat on the way but they had 9 minutes before we left.  You can not imagine the busyness happening in my kitchen-they were scurrying around like mad but all ended up with a semi decent little supper made for themselves.  What did they make?  Well, in lieu of my package of crackers, they all made their own crackers with cheese and turkey on top.  
  • Church tonight and on the way, poor Whitman fell sound asleep and didn't wake up for most of church.  Then once home we all had our ice cream truck before sending the kiddos to bed.   

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