March 8, 2016

Whitman and Keaton take over the zoo!
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  • The morning began early with a game of basketball in the boys' room before 7.  For some reason they must have forgotten what the number 7 looked like since they are not supposed to be out of their beds until that clock strikes 7.  I wish that Robby and I had that much energy in the morning to play a game of bball.
  • Monday morning we had a few complainers about breakfast (Monday's breakfast is always cereal) so Monday night Robby reminded everyone that we were not going to grumble and complain about what breakfast is.  And guess what happened this morning? Anderson was the one whining about cinnamon toast and yogurt this morning (two things that he usually loves).  I will just have to chalk his attitude up to him being sick.  He is a bit stuffy today and I am not really sure that he felt great at bedtime.
  • Robby took Keaton and Whitman to Grannymom's house and they all ended up at the zoo-even with Whitman wearing his big boys underwear.  (Grannymom is much, much braver than I am).  He only had one accident with Grannymom but managed to have 2 poopy ones with me later in the day.  
  • Anyway, both Keaton and Whitman told me that their favorite animals were the monkeys that were swinging from the trees.  Grannymom said that there weren't many people at the zoo and the kids had the playgrounds to themselves.  
  • Back at home, the rest of us worked on school and we were on fire today.  We couldn't always finish as early as we did today since we had to hurry but we were able to get it all accomplished.  It helped tremendously that we started a few minutes before 8 and that there were no little people distractions.  
  • Before I dropped the big 4 off at Nonna's house, we were even able to pick up the house.  Then I dropped them off and ran to Keaton's parent-teacher conference.  It will come as no surprise to anyone but little Miss Keaton is a perfect child at school and is practically brilliant!  Jennifer said that Keaton was a great helper and listened well during school-wish she could have some of those skills at home too.
  • Afterwards, I ran to pick up something at Walmart and then on to pick up Keaton and Whitman.  They had already eaten a full lunch at Grannymom's house but when we arrived at Nonna's house, those two sat down and another lunch.  Whitman continued asking for "more fruits and vegetables" and "more tortilla."  I had hoped that those little people would have such full tummys and tired legs that they would fall asleep on the way home (didn't happen).
  • Before we left, we ran to Beebee's garage to pick up something and Graham said that he wished we could go inside and look around.  So we did and traipsed through everyone room of Beebee's house.  I think my big 3 really remember when we would go over to see Beebee and Papaw.  We were going down memory lane when we heard Whitman exclaim "treasure, treasure!" He had indeed found a trunk and could hardly wait when I opened it up for him to see the treasure.  Beebee's trunk was full of costume jewelry which I vividly remember playing with when I was small-so we let the kids play with the jewelry for a bit before heading home.
  • Once at home, the kids helped me with some Easter eggs for Thursday and then we practiced our reports for Thursday a bit (but not nearly enough).  It was nearly 4 when the kids first started watching a few movies, playing their kindles and the xbox and imagine their utter shock when I didn't let them have a snack.  I knew that Robby would be home soon with supper-I didn't really know that it would be about 2 hours later but they survived.
  • Before Robby made it home, we had straightened again and everyone had their showers.  I helped Robby unload while the kids ate and then we ate.  Reagan worked on a sign for their bedroom door and the others played some and then it was bedtime for the crew.

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