March 7, 2016

Puzzle Queen!
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  • Monday morning here and things were surprisingly calm for a few seconds.  I was helping Whitman potty when Robby quickly herded everyone to the bar so they could eat breakfast.  I an not sure what was going on but he wanted it to stop quickly so the calm could remain.
  • Because of the kids behavior on Friday during school, today they had to sit in their desks and quietly do their work.  Usually people are laying everywhere and chatting up a storm while working but not today.  I did my best to keep the kids in their desks and working but I am not sure that it really helped them finish any sooner...since Campbell was just finishing school right before supper time! (She didn't work the entire time-actually, I am not really sure she ever did any work.  The other day she gave her work to Keaton and was shocked when I told her that she had to do her own work and Keaton could not do it.)
  • My entire day has been a bit of a blur because Whitman has gone potty at least 100 times.  Ever 20-30 minutes I have taken the boy to the potty.  He only went through 2 pairs of underwear so I have to call this potty-ing day a success.  We have even worked on telling me that he needs to go potty but as of yet, that has never happened.
  • Lunch was fairly uneventful-we had ourselves sandwiches and I have decided that we are going to have ourselves a nutrition/reading label study and then I shall turn over the lunch making duties to the kids.  Ok, I know that is a crazy dream but really, it would be quite wonderful if it worked.  Maybe some day...
  • This afternoon was spent doing chores, finishing school and working on our what we want to be when we grow up reports.  If we can finish school by noon, then I am a happy, happy person but for each minute school drags on past noon, I become more and more crazy! (Though if I could just wake up early each morning to exercise and fold some laundry, I might have school past noon in me...but really probably not.)
  • Robby came home just as the timer was going off.  This time the timer wasn't for Whitman to potty, it was for the chicken spaghetti.  We ate and then the kids played the xbox for a bit, worked some puzzles and ate jello-it was a big, big night here at the Dennie house.  

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