March 14, 2016

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  • When I closed the blog last night, the second thunderstorm was rolling in and the kids were a bit unsettled.  We could really hear the hair hitting our windows so I went upstairs to just see if the boys could as well.  I don't know if the trees blocked their hail or maybe the noise from the fan drowned it out but they couldn't hear it-nor could they sleep.  They were awake until we went to bed and at one point, Graham came downstairs and even spied what we were watching while sitting on the couch (Property Brothers).  Anderson was quick to point out his brothers midnight run downstairs.
  • The girls on the other hand were just as wired but at least they stayed in their room.  The flashes of lightening kind of bothers Campbell so she and Keaton made a pallet on the floor and slept beside Reagan's bed. I saw them all laying there and really wanted to take a picture but getting the camera from downstairs was too far to go! Keaton asked me if the rain was coming down the chimney and Campbell had made Reagan look out the window to make sure that it wasn't flooding because she was sure that she could feel the house floating.  
  • I read an article today talking about what you should do during a tornado watch/warning-helmets and shoes on the kids, sharpie their names and socials on their arm, hanging a blinking flashlight around their neck-seriously, I hope that article was all in jest because my people were all out of sorts from some thunder.  It probably hadn't helped that we had the weather on most of the evening but they sure didn't learn this excitable behavior from us!
  • It did take forever but they eventually all did go to sleep and we were able to go to sleep ourselves.  Time change again made it hard for us to get everyone up this morning to start school but we managed and were only a few minutes later than our normal start time.  The kids had finished a school box last night so they helped with today's workload and by 11 everyone but Anderson had finished.  
  • We worked together and then started on lunch and chores.  Chores seemed to take forever for everyone today.  I haven't quite figured out the perfect way to do chores-have everyone stay together and work with me, write out individual chores on separate lists for each kid or just tell them what needs to be done when they finish a chore.  Some days one of these possibilities work great and the next day it doesn't.  We will eventually get things figured out!
  • I started working on changing the boys winter clothes over to summer clothes-they don't have a lot so it will be pretty easy and I plan to finish this tomorrow.  I was about to get on the treadmill when Robby came home so after reviewing the day with him, I did my exercise.  Though my real exercise happened during the day while doing a workout video with Campbell and Reagan (actually everyone else participated too).  I did learn the boys are wimps and can hardly do any exercises and Whitman loved copying us.  And my other bit of exercise happens taking Whitman to the potty every 30 minutes all day long-he hangs on me like a monkey every time I pull up or down his pants.  He did stay dry all day long today so that made me happy, happy!  And I can say that I am successfully potty trained-when I hear the timer, I take him potty and that is working for now!
  • We had baked potatoes for supper and the kids like them as much as we do.  Pretty much everyone ate almost a whole potato-Whitman just screamed about "more fruits and vegetables"-apparently a potato is not a veggie to him.  
  • After we ate, we started on showers and then Reagan and Robby left to go and see a movie.  He had preview passes to a new movie and they went to see it...leaving me here with all of the other people.  We did all watch our own movie, the movie Up, and ate cookies until bedtime.  
  • I know that I am supposed to use the kids' middle names when they are in trouble but I just forget and only use their first and last names.  That is going to be my goal for tomorrow-to use more middle names.  Just right now, I went to the bottom of the stairs and called for one of the boys to "straighten up this instant" but sure didn't remember that middle name.  
  • I guess the kids know that Robby isn't home because Anderson and Graham have been fussing at each other and Whitman will not settle down and has now had 3 glasses of milk (he has stopped drinking any at bedtime).  And the girls are stomping above my head...
  • I have heard that today is PI day and I am pretty sure that I have myself an apple pie in the freezer.  I think that I might just go and heat that baby up-goodness knows I deserve it!

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