March 30, 2016

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  • One day you mention the possibility of boarding school to a child and the next morning they are emptying trash cans and folding laundry at 7:05.  I thought that my little boarding school threat fell on deaf ears but apparently it did not.  Now, I am fully aware that there were ulterior motives-the sooner they finished their chores they know that they have a few minutes to play on their kindles before we leave for Bible study.
  • Due to the hard work of some of my kiddos, we were able to knock out our chores before leaving.  Bible study went well and Keaton (and all the others in her class) received a sweet little note from her teachers saying that they noticed how kind, caring and how well she shares with her friends.  
  • When we were leaving Bible study the kids were thrilled because we were headed to a park (or even Candice's backyard) but before we could get in the car, it started raining and we all had to head to Rock Creek.  Don't get me wrong, we love Rock Creek but it seems like we have been there a lot lately and the kids just want to be outside to play and run.  The first thing they did today there before even eating was to play a game of Uno.
  • The rain began really falling during our time there and when it was time to leave, it was a monsoon.  Sara and I stayed with Candice's kids while she got her car, then she took Sara to her car while I stayed with Sara's kids and then Sara stayed with my kids while Candice took me to my car (it really does take a village).  As I was getting out of Candice's car, I could not open my car door for anything-my silly key clicker would not work at all.  I was drenched by the time I opened my door the old fashioned way!
  • I really did debate going to see Beebee since we missed last week but as soon as I had almost decided to go, it rained even harder on me so we did head home.  The kids had a restful afternoon and I did nothing at all and it was pretty wonderful.  
  • When it was time to leave tonight for church, it again poured like crazy.  The kids didn't even want to watch a movie or listen to their music in the car-they just wanted to watch the rain.  It was craziness when we dropped off the big 3 (their classes start 15 minutes earlier than ours)-but I did love seeing one of the preacher men standing under the awning helping folks get into the building.
  • We survived the evening and then back at home the kids had a cupcake before bed.  Reagan did loose another tooth today so she is staying awake waiting to catch the tooth fairy.

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