March 31, 2016

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  • We left off last night with me talking about how Reagan had two teeth waiting on the tooth fairy including one with a bit of silver in it with which Reagan was hoping that this would earn her a bit more money.  The tooth fairy was out of most of her money since she had helped the Easter bunny fill the eggs.  So even though the tooth fairy was very, very tired last night she still took some extra time to fold Reagan's two dollar bills into pretty little origami hearts.  And when Reagan woke up this morning, she was quick to tell me that she did get two dollars but "they were all crumpled up."  That just made the tooth fairy want to lay her head down and cry!
  • Graham, Whitman and Robby took Keaton to school this morning.  This made for a very, very quiet morning around here and we worked hard.  Anderson was even finished with school by 10:30-this never, ever happens.  I was a bit worried when Graham came home.  I was sure that he would fall apart when he realized that his brother and sisters were almost finished with their school but he put his head down and got his work accomplished.  Now I just have to figure out a way for Robby to stay at home and then leave the house with Whitman, Graham and Keaton for a few hours every morning-that would probably be bad for our finances but good for Sonic's bottom line.
  • Hot dogs for lunch and then a few chores.  Then we all played a game of Uno-I won!  Then the kids had some kindle/movie time while I was on the treadmill.  Soon Nonna and Pops brought Keaton home.  They had picked her up from school and then Keaton and Nonna spent the afternoon cleaning up the toy room.  Keaton was very happy to bring everyone a little snack which they gobbled up.  
  • When Nonna and Pops left, we all loaded up along with a car load of my garage sale stuff and headed to Dana's house to drop it off.  The kids enjoyed shopping and I spent quite a bit of time putting back the things that they wanted.  Then we headed to go and pick up a pizza.
  • We had coupons for the pizza and of course we left those at home, so we had to run home to get those-it was kind of on the way, kind of.  The kids were happy to all have their little pizzas (thanks to that found coupon).
  • Once at home, we cleaned the van and the kids played outside until it was their turn in the shower.  Then the kids and I worked on ideas for their April Fool's pranks before going to bed.  The boys did smuggle some tape to their beds tonight-here's to hoping that they don't tape each others eyes closed!

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