March 5, 2016

Annual trek to McClard's!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • We could have slept late this morning but we made one pivotal mistake last night-we let Graham sleep in the girls' room.  That boy is awake every day right at 7 and today was no different.  Now if he had woken up and quietly left the room, that would be great but nope, he woke up and woke all of the girls up too.
  • So everyone was awake and ready to eat.  I have no idea why they thought they were so hungry this morning but about the time Robby left to help with soccer tryouts at Raymar, I finally passed out breakfast.
  • They re-watched a movie from yesterday while eating breakfast and soon Anderson and Robby came home.  Anderson had a huge breakfast at Nonna's house and the kids left at home were a bit disappointed with their breakfast.
  • Around 11, Robby did make lunch for the kids and then they ran to Grannymom's house to take Whitman for the day.  He had a big day watching Cash play basketball and even poopooing on the potty.  
  • This afternoon we loaded up to pick up the McGuires for our annual trek to Hot Springs for bbq from McClards and cupcakes at Fat Bottom Girls.  The kids all watched a movie on the way there and then we all filled up on BBQ.  It was all very good and then we walked off our late lunch/early supper on the strip in front of the Arlington.
  • The kids climbed up the rock and walked on the trail for a bit.  Then we crossed the street for some delicious cupcake goodness.  We found a spot to sit the kids down to eat and we ate outside.  Then it was back in the car to head home.
  • After dropping the McGuires off, Robby dropped us off so the kids could have a shower and he picked up Whitman.  Once he was home, it was bedtime for everyone and I do believe that my kids are tried from their big day.

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