March 23, 2016

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  • It was a good morning though and as soon as Whitman was out of bed, all of the kids gathered around him to help him open up every single one of his birthday presents.  They all played games, pushed trains and a truck, bounced balls, read books and worked puzzles and that was even before breakfast.  
  • Day 3 of Spring Break and this morning's activities consisted of going through the girls' summer clothes, emptying the trash cans, cleaning potties, getting school ready for April and organizing Reagan's desk.  Yes, we are indeed living it up here at the Dennie house and I am sure that you wish you were right here with us. 
  • Organizing Reagan's desk took much longer than I had thought so lunch wasn't served until 12:30.  The kids didn't seem to mind since they were all ready for our afternoon outing but I was the one scurrying around trying to get ready in just a few minutes.
  • We met Jacqui and her kids at Pinnacle this afternoon.  They were going to climb but without Robby, I knew that we could never make it to the top with Whitman and Keaton.  They were able to do it last time but Whitman needed someone to carry him and hold his hand constantly and Keaton needed quite a bit of encouragement.  
  • But we were able to play with them on the playground and take a walk around the nature trail before the headed off to the top.  My poor Anderson had lots of fun until we went on the trail-then his allergies started acting up and his little eyes were so bothering him.  He was almost miserable until we made it back into the car-I sure need to be giving him his allergy medicine daily during the springtime.
  • On the way home, the kids had a snack and then they played outside for a few minutes once we made it home.  Pretty much as soon as I walked into the house this afternoon, I turned right back around to head to the grocery store.  I picked up my purchases which took me forever since I am seem to be incredibly slow at shopping. 
  • Back at home, Robby had the kids showered and a late supper on the table when I arrived home.  The kids played some but before bed tonight we did let them watch a movie since we hadn't really watched any tv this week (there has been no time at all!)  After the movie, they all headed to bed and gracious me, the boys are wound up tonight.  I am not sure what they are so excited about up there but I have been up there once and am about to head up there again.

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