March 9, 2016

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  • We heard Whitman up this morning before 7 and I really wish that we had a camera in his room.  Who knows how long he is out of his bed before he goes to his door and starts working on opening the door.  Since the handle is off, he has to unlock it and then use some super baby hand strength to unlock it.  This takes a very long time for him and if he isn't successful at opening the door (which he usually always is now) he will lay down in front of the door until we come.  
  • The kids dressed and then we all ate our breakfast.  I asked the kids to do the laundry while I cleaned the pottys and Reagan asked if she could do the pottys if I would do her laundry.  I wholeheartedly agreed with that and started on the laundry.  She was pretty excited about our little chore trade-but she wasn't as excited as Campbell and Keaton were the other day when I let them clean the shower.  I had them take off their socks and roll up their pants and showed them how to spray the cleaner (completely harmless-vinegar and Dawn) and scrub the shower.  I became sidetracked and didn't check on them for a long time so when I returned they were both completely naked still scrubbing away.
  • We were set to leave on time this morning when we did have a little excitement.  One of Campbell's ears is a bit sore from her earring.  I asked her to go and get her first pair of earrings to put on and as soon as she handed them to me, I dropped one and down the sink it went.  I could see that earring and tried to get it with a spoon and then with a magnet but had no luck.  Campbell was very almost hysterical about losing her first pair of earrings but sweet Reagan took her upstairs to find a new pair.  She calmed down and soon we were on our way-after cleaning that sink with some vinegar and baking soda.
  • Bible study today and the kids did well when I dropped them off so I could go and park this morning.  I repeated over and over to Whitman that he had to hold Reagan's hand and I guess that worked because when I came back from parking the car, they were all together.  When Bible study was over, Sara stayed with all of our crew while I got the van and then her crew rode in my van to Rock Creek.
  • We ate lunch-after the kids all ate, I watched Whitman walk across the room.  He stopped and sat down and looked at the bottom of his foot.  He saw something and picked it off of his foot and then proceeded to eat it.  Yep, that's my boy!
  •  Back at home the kids worked on their reports some and then had a nap...or I had a nap!  Then I made supper and we headed to church.  I am not sure what the big boys do at church that would cause them to become so insanely sweaty but gracious me.  So of course everyone had to have showers when we came back home and along with a shower they needed a snack.
  • Once everyone was fed and clean it was bedtime for all and ice cream time for me!

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